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Newly created Offer or Upsell not showing

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Have you just created an upsell but it isn’t showing? There could be a few reasons why that is.

Check SellUp is enabled

First off, ensure the global upsell setting is active. This can be found under the main settings panel.

Check Product Visibility

Secondly, are both the lead product and offered upsells in stock or have oversell active? By default, Upsell hides upsells when the product is out of stock. This is because customers can not purchase items if they are out of stock. If a product is set to oversell, it will be visible.

Common issues are:

  • Upsell product has 0 stock and is not set to oversell
  • Upsell product is not live (draft product)
  • Upsell Product in not visible on the Online Sales Channel

SellUp is not loading in your theme

If you have checked all the above and SellUp should be visible but still isn’t, it is most likely a small theme issue. By default, Sellup will load on most standardised Shopify themes. However in some cases, a theme is built slightly differently by it’s developers. This is also the case with some Page Builders.

Theme related scenarios:

  • Your theme is built in a non-standardised way
  • You are using a page builder
  • The script can’t load on your theme due to CSS

Some aspects of SellUp may be working on your store but others may not. Below are solutions for each aspect of SellUp

For On Page Upsells, check this guide.

For Action Upsells, check this guide.

For Cart Upsells, check this guide.

Finally, if all those have been checked then its possible there is a conflict with your theme/app setup. You may need to add various scripts or tags for SellUp to appear on your theme. Whenever you edit your theme, always take a backup. If you are uncomfortable with this, we can do this for you. Simply open a support ticket.
If you have not found what you are looking for, you can open a support ticket.
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