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An introduction to the Offer types in SellUp

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Welcome to SellUp

If you are new to SellUp then this is a great place to start.

The goal of SellUp is simple, to help you sell more. This is done by creating upsells for your Shopify store.

Next, let’s take a look at the offer types.


Offer types

Below are the specific offer types available in SellUp.

On Page Offer

Create Add Ons for Shopify

These offers show on the product page. They should output next to the product’s add to cart button. You can choose from button style and checkbox style. These are passive offers as they require the customer to engage with them. You can change the default product title on the offered products to a Call To Action of “CTA” to invite customer engagement.

Learn more about On-Page Offers

Action Offer

These offers are similar to the On Page offers but they display in a popup modal immediately after the main product has been added to cart. You can also chain multiple Action Offers together using the “funnel” feature in SellUp. This allows you to create a powerful upsell funnel for your Shopify store.

Learn more about Action Offers

Cart Upsells

These upsell offers display on the cart page. They require your Shopify store to hit the Cart page before a customer checks out. If you are using a side drawer cart, your theme may have an option to change it to page to take advantage of Dynamic Cart Upsells by SellUp.

Learn more about Cart Upsells

Post Purchase Upsell

This offer shows on the Thank You page after a customer has placed an order. It is a great way to quickly secure another order for a tempting offer you may have on your store.

Learn more Post Purchase Upsells


There is plenty more on SellUp in this documentation. The best way to discover SellUp is to simply get your hands dirty and start creating glorious upsell offers for your store!

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