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Can I show more than 3 upsell products with On Page Upsells?

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3 is the magic number

SellUp by default is limited to 3 upsell offers you can add to your On Page Upsells.

There are a few reasons behind this.

  • Choice
  • Load Speed
  • Space

The first point is choice. There is a paradox that if you offer too much, the customer will select nothing. By keeping it to 3 targeted, precision based offers, you maximise your chances of success.

Load Speed. The more your page has to load, the slower it will be. If SellUp has to fetch the product details for more than 3 products, this will slow down things a bit.

Space. Space can be a limiting factor on some stores on some views. Having a long list of upsells may take up a lot of space and hinder the customer experience.


Ok, but I want to add more. Can I?

Yes. You can stack On Page Upsells. This means if you create an On Page Upsell and fill up the 3 upsell slots, you can create another On Page Upsell with the same lead product and then you have another 3 slots you can fill up. On the product page, these would “stack”

Don’t go crazy though! If you want a good strategy, check out this post on Upselling.

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