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Compatibility with Page Builders – Delivery Timer

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Is Delivery Timer compatible with Page Builders?

The quick answer is yes and no.

Page Builders such as GemPages, Shogun, PageFly, Zipify etc work by either creating new pages in your store under /pages or in some circumstances, overriding a Product or Collection page.

When Delivery Timer will work with Page Builders

If the page builder you are using allows you to either modify your existing Product.Liquid based page or create a new Product.Liquid based page then Delivery Timer  should work fine. On occasions, it may work fine without any interjection. If it doesn’t show, you may need to insert the script as an HTML block. Additionally, if it shows but not in the right location, again you will need to insert a HTML block and paste the script in.

The script is:

<div id="delivery_timer_wrapper"></div>

You should position the HTML block where you want timer to physically appear.

If you can’t see a “HTML” block or widget option in your Page Builder, you will need to contact the developer of the page builder app for assistance.

When DeliveryTimer won’t work with Page Builders

Delivery Timer won’t work on any page that isn’t a Product.liquid based page. So any Pages, Blogs, Home Page, Collection page etc.

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