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Hide “sellup_ID” on your store theme

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SellUp appends an ID tag to products as a cart line item in your Shopify store. This is simply to track conversions so you know how well your upsells are performing.

By default, this tag is set to “hidden”. This means it should not show on your store’s frontend when looking at the cart for example.

If you can see the “sellup_ID” tag followed by some numbers, this means your theme is not correctly honouring the cart line items visibility. In essence, it is simply checking to see if a product has cart line items and then is showing them irregardless of whether they should be visible or not.

If this is the case, they can be hidden but some changes to your theme are required.

How to hide the “sellup_ID”

Please note, this is an advanced tutorial. If your theme is outputting this code and you don’t have HTML/Liquid knowledge, you will need to find a Shopify Expert to implement this for you. We can not edit Merchants themes based on our Store policy here. Always take a backup of your theme before editing.



Step 1 – Locate cart.liquid

In your Shopify admin, access your Shopify theme files.

In the cart.liquid file, look for the code that prints the items properties:

{% unless p.last == blank %}


Note: If you can’t find the code listed above in the cart.liquid template, it is likely your theme is structured differently. If this is the case, check for templates, sections or snippets titled like cart-template.liquid or line-items-cart.liquid.


Step 2 – Modify the code

Within the unless statement, add the additional code found in the example below:

{% unless p.last == blank or p.first == '_sellup_id' %}

Example of how it should look if there were no other “or” statements. If your code has other or conditions, see note below.

hide cart line items Shopify


Note: Sometimes the code will have other conditions already. For example, it could be {% unless p.last == blank or first_character_in_key == ‘_’ %}. In this case, you would need to amend the string to also include the sellup_ID condition. Using the above example, this would become: {% unless p.last == blank or first_character_in_key == ‘_’  or p.first == ‘_sellup_id’%}

Notice we have simply added another “or” condition and then added the p.first == ‘_sellup_id’. 

Once you have amended, click save.

When testing, remove any items from the cart and re-add them via the upsell. The ID should now be hidden.

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