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How much is Ping?

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The app comes with a 7 day free trial. Billing is applied based on frequency of the app being shown or impressions.



Up to 500 Impressions / Month = Free

Up to 5000 Impressions / Month = $9.99

Up to 10000 Impressions / Month = $19.99

Up to 25000 Impressions / Month = $39.99

Up to 50000 Impressions / Month = $59.99

Up to 100000 Impressions / Month = $79.99

Unlimited Impressions = $99.99


Ping is capped so for extremely heavy users e.g Gymshark, MVMT, Kylie etc, pricing won’t exceed $99.99 in a single billing period.


The ROI on Ping can be extremely profitable. Not only can it capture and enable you to convert visitors who may otherwise have not purchased, those customers then have a potentially large LTV of “Lifetime value”. This is turns means that coupled with your marketing efforts, the sky is the limit.

If you have not found what you are looking for, you can open a support ticket.
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