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How do I position SellUp on the product page?

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Positioning “On Page Upsells”

There is a setting in SellUp under “Settings” to set the default output. We have set the best setting as default for most stores but you can change the location setting to be above or below the add to cart box. The good news is you can position it more precisely on your product page as detailed below.

Shopify OS2.0 Themes

For Shopify stores using new OS2.0 Themes, you can simply place the SellUp On Page Block within your theme’s product page.

Step 1) Ensure the App Embed is enabled and save.

Enable App Embed on Shopify

Step 2) Position the block in your theme and save

Non OS2.0 Themes

For non OS2.0 and themes, if you know how to edit theme files, you can edit your product.liquid or your themes product section to display SellUp’s On Page widget anywhere on the page by inserting the following code:

To position the On Page (Button Style) widget:

<div id="launchtip_upsell_wrapper"></div>


To position the On Page (Checkbox Style) widget:

<div id="launchtip_upsell_select_wrapper"></div>


Remember: Always make a backup of your theme’s file you are editing before making changes to a live store.

If you aren’t comfortable and would like assistance, simply send us a support request and we will help you.

Please note: If you are using a Page Builder, you will need to position the code on template using the HTML widget and it must be a product page. For support, you will need to reach out to your Page Builder provider.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Shopify liquid, we can carry this change out for you. Simply send us a message along with where you wish the upsell to be located.
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