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There is a small delay/lag with the App loading in my store. How come?

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Load Speed and ScriptTags within Shopify

Our Apps (and other Apps) load on your store using ScriptTags. This is true for most apps that show frontend features.

Shopify loads your store from its servers and CDN, then API calls tell what other apps to load.

On some occasions, when a store is loading, it can appear that there is a lag or delay in an App showing. There are a few reasons for this but the common reasons are:

  • Multiple Scripts being injected
  • Slow response time
  • Other Elements holding up the paint
  • Unstable Connection
  • Slow speed

Some of these issues are server side, some of these are client and real world side.

If the lag is over 5 seconds then it’s most likely down to your theme/app configuration. If the lag is there but barely noticeable then this is a common behaviour on stores with multiple apps. There is usually a small tradeoff required in return for the added functionality.

Please note that any performance based issues down to your theme or app configuration must be investigated by your developer. We do not edit or diagnose on a per store basis. If you don’t have a developer, you can find one on the Shopify Experts directory or a 3rd party marketplace like Upwork.
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