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I have installed SellUp but Action Upsells aren’t showing

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Action Upsells are slightly different to On Page upsells in how they work.

If you find your Action Upsells aren’t showing on clicking “Add to Cart”, it could be down to 2 possibilities.

  • Theme
  • App Conflict


If it’s your theme, then it is most likely that the Add To Cart Button ID is not set. There will be some code like <button class=”add-to-cart”… >. The ID will just need to be set if not present or the ID string added if it is. If you are proficient in HTML/Liquid, you can add this piece of code to resolve this:


If you are not able to edit the code or would rather not risk it, simply get in touch and we can do it for you.

App Conflict

If your theme has the correct ID and its still not showing, it could be a 3rd party theme/app component causing the Action upsell not to trigger. If this is the case, check your browser console for any conflicts. If you don’t know what that sentence meant, simply get in touch 🙂


If you have not found what you are looking for, you can open a support ticket.
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