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Cart Upsells not showing

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Please note, Cart Upsells only work with stores that make use of the cart page. If your store is using a side drawer cart and never hits an actual cart page before checkout, you will miss this upsell opportunity. Make sure your theme takes customers to the cart page in order to display the upsell opportunities.

How to enable Page Cart if disabled:

Known Themes with Side Carts:


All you need to do is change the themes cart to use page. To disable these cart types and change your cart type, please go to “Customize theme” in your shopify dashboard under sales channel “Online Store”. Under “Cart Page” (or a similar section), change “Cart type” to “Page”. Drawer, slide out, or modal cart types are incompatible with option pricing.


Visibility Issues

If you have enabled Cart Upsells but the appearance looks off or broken, this is because it is conflicting with your theme. Simply open a support ticket and we will assist you.

If you have enabled your Cart Upsells but can’t see them, your theme may need the upsell script inserted on the cart page. You can find this here.

If you have enabled Cart Upsells for SellUp, set products that are Active for the online store and in stock and the Upsells aren’t showing, your theme may need the snippet inserting.

All themes have a cart.liquid and depending on how your theme is built, may also have cart snippets and cart sections.

The following code needs to be inserted into your themes relevant cart section to show the Cart Upsells:

<div id="kartify_upsell_wrapper"></div>

If after this is correctly inserted and the Cart Upsells still aren’t showing, there is most like a conflict with your theme that will need investigating.


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