Lost Shopping Carts? 54 Best Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Abandoned Cart Subject

You’ve put in the time and effort to create and launch your beautiful Shopify store. Your products are top-notch, your photos are on point, and your descriptions are convincing. Traffic is coming through the door but you spot something standing in between you and ecommerce success: abandoned shopping carts. It’s a common problem—according to Baymard […]

12 best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2022

12 best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2022

12 best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2022 Are you looking for the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2022? Want to expand and take your business to the next level? It can be hard to grow your business without the right tools. So we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. […]

How to add conversion tracking code to the checkout page only in Shopify

add conversion tracking

How to add conversion tracking code to the checkout page only in Shopify Conversion tracking will help you better understand the full value of your Shopify website and any online marketing campaigns you have running. With conversion tracking in place, you’ll be able to track how many products you are selling and which marketing channel […]

How to enable “Tips” on your Shopify store’s checkout

Enable tips on Shopify

Launched in 2020, Shopify created a “tipping” feature allowing Merchants to accept tips during the checkout. Although traditionally attributed to the catering industry, tipping has found a new meaning in online commerce with the addition of this feature. What are tips on Shopify Shopify merchants can accept tips during the checkout from their customers. This […]

The definitive guide to reducing abandoned carts for Shopify: 2022 Update

In this guide, we cover the essentials including what abandoned carts are, why they occur and the various techniques & tactics we can deploy to reduce them occurring on your store. What are abandoned carts? Abandoned carts occur when a visitor to your store has added something to the cart but has then exited the […]

7 of the best spin to win wheel apps for Shopify

Best Spin Wheel Apps Shopify

Looking for a definitive guide on Spin Wheels for Shopify? Check out breakdown of what Spin to Win Wheels are, why they are a great fit for Shopify stores and how they can benefit your store. What are Spin Wheels or Spin to win wheels? Spin Wheels or Spin to win wheels are graphical games […]

15 of the best Trust Badge apps for Shopify

15 Best Trust Badge Apps

The 15 best Trust Badge apps for your Shopify store Trust badge apps are a great way to boost sales and conversion on your Shopify store by increasing customers’ trust. Running your own ecommerce business keeps you super busy so trying to find the best trust badge apps yourself can be time consuming. We’ve taken […]

How to add trust badges to your Shopify store: Benefits, Tips & Tricks

What are trust badges? Trust badges are “badges” or elements used on your store to gain “trust” from a visitor.   Where do trust badges come from? Trust badges originate from the late 90s when sites had to display badges to prove their authenticity. Visitors who look for certain indicators of trust when visiting a […]

How to easily hide Shopify product reviews when no review is present

hide Shopify product reviews

Since the beginning of Shopify, online stores have revolutionized shopping. In the next few years, it’s said that these online stores will overtake almost all physical businesses. The credibility of many online stores lies in the hands of product and service reviews. There might be a local store in your neighborhood that has a great […]

The power of On-Site messaging for your Shopify store

Whenever a potential customer lands on your store from either an organic google search, product ad, social media post, word of mouth or a happy accident, that customer will usually make up their mind about store in 3 seconds. On‑Site Messaging can be a powerful factor in establishing authority and getting potential customers to remain […]

How to create a ‘Free Just Pay Shipping’ promotion for one item in Shopify

Free Just Pay Shipping

How to create a ‘Free Just Pay Shipping’ promotion for one item in Shopify Depending on the items you sell in your store, you might want to offer a certain promotion on one of the products. Plenty of supplement companies do this to gain customer trust and attention.  You let the customer buy something for […]

How to easily send automatic review requests in Shopify in 2022

send review requests

How to effectively send review requests after a customer purchases in Shopify Asking for review requests on your Shopify store after a customer has purchases is key to increasing your brand trust. It’s a great way to collect reviews to then show on your product pages. This helps will increasing conversions on your store. The […]

How to sell more products on your Shopify store using variants [Quick Guide]

Want an easy way to sell more products Shopify without adding any Apps? This variant method might be just what you are after. An easy way to sell more products is to simply offer more. Sounds simple but it’s an opportunity missed by many Shopify merchants. This method will work best for single products but […]

5 Powerful Customer Retention Strategies for your Shopify store

customer retention

You’ll probably trying to remember the last time you re-engaged with your customers to get them back to purchase again. If you’re struggling, now is the time to start creating a new customer retention strategy. Customer retention is extremely important and is an underrated growth tactic that numerous businesses fail to grasp. It’s mad to […]

How best to add a reserved cart timer to your Shopify store

reserved cart timer

How best to add a reserved cart timer to your Shopify store Setting a reserved cart timer for your Shopify store is an excellent way to create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to check out quickly. With a timer running, they’ll know that the item will be out of the cart or the discount […]