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7 of the best spin to win wheel apps for Shopify

Best Spin Wheel Apps Shopify

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Looking for a definitive guide on Spin Wheels for Shopify? Check out breakdown of what Spin to Win Wheels are, why they are a great fit for Shopify stores and how they can benefit your store.

What are Spin Wheels or Spin to win wheels?

Spin Wheels or Spin to win wheels are graphical games of chance based on the “wheel of fortune” gameplay style. The wheel is loaded with prizes and when spun, the wheel will land on on a spot. Deepening on where the wheel stops will dictate which prize the customer will win. With this in mind, there are 3 key areas how Spin Wheels can help with your store.

  • Gamification or ‘gamify’
  • Collect Customer Emails
  • Incentivized Shopping


gamificationGamification or “Gamifying” has grown in popularity with eCommerce stores as a great method to interact with potential customers. With an average of 97% of traffic not converting for Shopify merchants, any opportunity to increase this should be trialled. By removing the friction of asking for a customers email using a fun and interactive Spin Wheel, collection success rate is far higher than the typical newsletter signup form.

Collect Customer Emails

Carrying on from the first point, the gamification of sign ups on your Shopify store will lead to a far higher success rate in collection of potential customer emails than traditional email signup forms. Building a list is both important for new stores to help gain traction in order to generate sales as well as existing stores to re-market in order to increase lifetime customer value.

Incentivized Shopping

Although the primary function of Spin Wheels is to gain customer emails for Merchants, the customer is spinning in anticipation of winning something. They are after all hoping for “something” in return for them providing their email. All Spin Wheels allow you to set the prizes that you offer to potential customers as well as the frequency in which they can be won. A great tip is to offer a 10% discount for first time customers and set this to be the highest frequency offer won. Not only will this usually satisfy the potential customer, it will increase the chances of a successful first time order as customers may feel compelled to use the discount they won.


7 of the best Spin Wheel Apps for Shopify

Below are 7 of the best Spin to win Wheel apps for Shopify stores which incorporate the above benefits.

Discount Spin Wheel Exit Popup

Discount Spin wheel is a gamified email popup for store visitors to spin the wheel on store front and collect discount code. It engages the visitors, and not only gets email subscriptions for future marketing but also turn them into paying customers which makes it a cool Shopify app.

CrazyRocket Spin Wheel Pop Ups

Struggling to convert visits into sales? Put a smile on your customers’ faces and drive them to BUY right away! Spin to win Pop-Ups can instantly boost engagement to: Turn slow sale days into exciting ones with persuasive offers, Convert visitors into happy buyers and Collect newsletter subscribers like a PRO

Email Pop up Spin Wheel Popups

Running Facebook, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest ads? Collect remarketing emails and phone numbers using on-brand popups and gamified popup games such as discount wheel popups, gift game pop ups.

EVM Spin Wheel‑ Spin‑a‑Sale

Increase engagement on your Shopify store by showing the visitors a gamified wheel popup where they can input their email and win discounts. It helps in building your email list and also keep the customers engaged on store.

Woo Spin Popups: Wheel Pop ups

Forget boring popups that don’t convert, Boost your store subscribers experience with WooHoo spin to win email popups & Email/Sms opt-ins.


Spin-a-Sale completely reinvents the standard subscriber pop-up and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. Dramatically grow your email list, generate more sales and increase your conversion rates to levels you’ve never seen before.

Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

The logic behind Wheelio is really simple. Gamefication is the key to getting the users more relaxed and more likely to engage with our pop-up.



For almost all Shopify stores, new and existing, Spin Wheels provide a fantastic method to build your customer database and generate first time orders. Couple this with upselling for example and you can easily generate great revenue returns for your Shopify store. Although Spin Wheels won’t suit all stores such as high end retail or wholesale, the format can be adapted to compliment these scenarios.

Running a 1 week test is always a great way to see if your conversions lift from your average conversion rate as well as the growth of your email database. Whilst discounting can reduce your Average Order Value, the gain in customers and orders will usually over compensate for this.

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