How to simply make images the same size on my Shopify store

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How to simply make images the same size on my Shopify store Ever since the bulk of selling has shifted online, there has been a dramatic rise in the demand for quality images that precisely depict the items for sale. If you are a business person who has experience selling goods online, you can agree […]

How to maximise payday on your Shopify store

Maximise payday on your Shopify store Payday is a key day for many people all around the globe. For those on a tight budget, purchasing decisions are usually delayed until the funds are in place. For most, this occurs on a magical day known as payday. Quite simply, payday is the day your hard earned […]

4 Best Referral and Loyalty Shopify Apps

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4 Best Referral and Loyalty Shopify Apps If you’re looking to add revenue to your Shopify store and increase your sales, referral and loyalty apps are a great way to do this. We look at the four best referral and loyalty Shopify apps below to help you decide, which one is best suited for your […]

How to prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday

How to prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday / Cyber Monday You’re perhaps wondering what you can do this year to make your Shopify store stand out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, we discuss some fantastic ideas and ways you can prepare your store. The fear of COVID-19 and retail closures has […]

A list of Facebook Ad Term Abbreviations

With the growth of Facebook Ads, the platform and Agencies, there are now a sleuth of abbreviations out there. Some of the terms are directly related to advertising, some are related to the platform, some are born from “the pixel” and some are veteran industry standards. Here is an overview of the terms we have […]

19 Must have Shopify Apps for 2022

19 Must have Shopify apps for 2022 to improve your ecommerce store. Whether you are a new store, an established store or a store looking to scale, you should never stop looking for ways to build out your store, optimise and find new ways to improve efficiency and increase sales. Apps are brilliant way to […]

How to get strong sales with this Facebook Ad Trick

What is this guide about? Targeting Lookalike Audiences on Facebook Why? By creating lookalike audiences, you are telling facebook about the people who have bought from you and then facebook will find potential new customers that share those same characteristics. How to target lookalike audiences with facebook ads   Lookalike audiences in Facebook are essentially […]

How to get Instagram Product Tagging for your Shopify Store

Get your products tagged on your Instagram Posts Instagram is a massive channel to market your stores products. Of course, whenever there is a handy feature or tool that a big media company like Facebook (owners of Instagram) are offering, you’d be wise to make use of it. Shopify have a connection to the Instagram […]

25+ ways to get your first sale on Shopify

How to get your first sale (and future sales) for Shopify Store. Ok, so you have decided to start an online business. Many journeys start with the discovery of various business models such as Dropshipping, Print on Demand or even a completely new product to bring to market. During the research phase, most wantrepreneurs in […]

How to get your Shopify site found on Google

Getting your Shopify site to rank in Google In this post, we will discuss methods that Shopify Store owners can utilise in order to better rank in the Google Search Engine. First off, this isn’t a cheat guide or quick scheme. Google spend a large amount of money and time on their Search Engine so […]

How To Use Your Shopify Customers To Gain More Shopify Customers

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Grow your Shopify Store using your own customers A Small overview of the current situation Over the last 20 years, there has been a massive shift in how a business communicates it’s marketing efforts . If you want to connect with new potential customers online, you need to stop using conventional methods which consumers have come accustomed to. Click through […]

How to Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for Shopify

Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for Shopify Stores Do you run Google Ads to drive traffic to your store? Do you use the Google Shopping App for Shopify? Setting up Conversion tracking is the easiest way to see if your Ads are delivering a return on Investment (ROI). Although Google’s Adwords supports other types of conversion tracking, […]