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Originally Published August 4, 2020.

Whether you are a new store, an established store or a store looking to scale, you should never stop looking for ways to build out your store, optimise and find new ways to improve efficiency and increase sales.

Apps are brilliant way to easily extend your Shopify store including new sales channels, marketing tools, store enhancements, daily management and more.

19 key Shopify apps for 2024 to improve your ecommerce store.

In this guide, we will look at some absolutely must-have apps. Some stores may already be aware of some of the names on the list but we encourage all stores to have a browse as you may see something new.


#1 SellUp – Shopify Upsell App


Upselling is a critical action all Shopify stores should be doing. There is no reason a store should not be upselling. None. Period.

Upselling is one of the best methods to drastically increase your turnover, over night, without having to increase traffic or spend anything on marketing.

With upselling, you are simply selling to your existing audience, more of what you have to offer. A 1 item order can turn into a 2/3/4 item order and your sales go through the roof. For this, we recommend the #1 Action Upsell App, SellUp.

Price: Free, Premium Plan Available


#2 Shopney – Mobile App Builder



We are a big fan of this one for one main reason. Simplicity. It’s one of those set and forget apps. Shopney helps you increase sales with standout native iOS and Android mobile apps, having the best feature set by keeping your entire processes at their easiest!

Also, did we mention its no-code?!

Price: Starts from $99


#3 Klaviyo Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of those insanely powerful tools when you get it right. Extracting sales out of your previous customers as well as keeping you fresh in their mind is the key to a successful strategy.

Having automated sequences based on triggers means you can set it on autopilot and this is where Klaviyo is dominant for Shopify.

Price: Free unto 250, Pricing available.


#4 Loyalty Lion – Referrals

Another powerful method of gaining sales is by leveraging your existing and future customer base to bring you sales by incentivising them.

The bonus aspect vs Paid marketing is that your users will voice you on their social media channels. This results in insane reach vs a simple, one off transaction,

Price: Free, Higher tiers available.


#5 Matrixify – Import/Export


Excelify Matrixify gives you flexibility far beyond the standard Shopify import/export for data. Now, for the average Shopify merchant, this tool may not be necessary. H

owever, if you find yourself spending a large amount of time importing/exporting then Matrixify may be worth a visit. It has some powerful in-built functions such as it’s comma separated image import which is a real time saver. And remember, time = money, right?

Price: Free, tiers available based on import/export size.


#6 Image Optimizer + Compression

This is a nifty tool for one feature, image renaming. The image compression could be argued as Shopify use a CDN to deliver image content which is fairly well optimised.

The bulk SEO and continual renaming for new images is more than worth it though. If you have constant product imports, keep it running. If you have a fairly static but large catalog, run it once for a one off price.

Price: Free up-to 25mb, more mb available


#7 Printy6 – Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a fantastic way to build out your offering without any upfront stock cost. You pay only when you sell and take a cut.

It’s the same business model as dropshipping except you can brand the products with brilliant designs. Products are usually T-Shirts, Canvases, Mugs, Phone Cases and so on.

Price: Free. Pay only for stock when you get an order.


#8 Brainity: relevant FB & IG Ads


Instagram and facebook ads can be confusing, expensive and stressful. This app takes care of the pain. Using a 3 pronged approach, it handles top of the funnel, re-marketing and re-engaging.

With Brainity, you can set and forget a campaign, just check in regularly to check the ROAS is positive of course!

Price: From $19.99 / Month excluding Ad Spend.


#9 Delivery Timer Order Deadline


You have probably seen those “Get it by…” or “Order within the next X and get it by Y”. These are urgency based timers that help tip over customers on the fence into purchasing and Delivery Timer does this well.

They also help manage customer expectation and provide key information that consumers now expect from most online stores. Don’t worry if you have variable times due to dropshipping, you can set rules for each products.

Price: $7.99 / Month.


#10 Product Reviews


Arguably one of the best review applications out there. Shopify’s review application is robust (Now deprecated) but lacking in powerful features such as Google integration and automated review request emails. does the lot for just $15 a month. There is sumptuous free plan also. No more to be said. Reviews, done.

Price: Free, $15 / Month for all features.


#11 OrderlyEmails


The emails out the box in Shopify are solid but well, every store has them.

If you want to get those professional looking, on-brand email templates with a simple but powerful, native like editor then OrderlyEmails is your tool.

Select from a generous theme library, customize and perfect, then hand over a one off fee. Great value.

Price: Free to install, $49 for a template (Covers all transactional emails).


#12 Shogun Landing Page Builder


A great tool to have if you want to build stunning pages for your store. Use the page builder to build pages using blocks or select from a template.

With Shopify to introduce sections at some point, this is still looking to be the stronger option currently.

Price: From $49/Month


#13 Searchanise – Smart Search & Instant Search


Out of the box search in Shopify has improved over the years but still lacks oomph. Search can help your customers find exactly what they need or even suggest what they might need.

For large catalogs, it’s a must. Searchanise gives you granular control over results, look and even integrates with other apps such as to pull in reviews.

Price: Free up to 25 Products. Higher tiers available.


#14 Google channel


The sales channel, that’s an app, it was a channel, now an app again. Either way, it gets your products on Google in-front of the world.

The powerful aspect about Shopping ads is that the traffic is warmed up meaning they are.. shopping! It can be expensive for some categories but if you optimise well, it can be very cheap.

Google recently announced free listings which is a step back to when they started. The paid aspect will come in the form of a sponsored listing no doubt.

Price: Free to install. Free/Paid.


#15 DSers – Dropshipping from AliExpress


DSers is the #1 tool to find, import and fulfil orders from AliExpress. If you don’t know what Dropshipping is, its where you sell stock you don’t have which is fulfilled by a 3rd party and then shipped directly to your customer. You don’t have to hold stock and pay the supplier only when you receive the order.

It’s similar to the Print On Demand app model above except the stock is practically any imaginable product you can think of. Go check out AliExpress if you need some ideas!

Price: Free. Plans available for heavy usage.


#16 Hextom Quick Announcement Bar


This is one of those simple apps we find ourselves reaching for from time to time. Black Friday promotion? Stick a bar up. Christmas order deadline? get the bar up. Use it for various announcements or keep it permanent to advertise your Free Shipping.

Price: Free. Premium upgrade available.


#17 Gorgias ‑ Live chat & Helpdesk


If you find yourself getting swamped with customer service then Gorgias is your new rep. It’s a full solution to chat, support ticket and FAQ. Gorgias brings in your Shopify data to better server customer queries.

You can even automate standard request helping to lift the load. It’s quite expensive so make sure you are getting the volume of requests to warrant the cost.

Price: From $60/Month.


#18 Lumo – Trustpilot & More – Reviews


Getting reviews for third party platforms is a great strategy to build your SEO presence and make sure those channels aren’t neglected, namely trust pilot.

With Lumo, you can request reviews from your customers on to a chosen platform. What’s better is that Lumo can identify if a customer is about to leave a negative review and direct them to a form instead of leaving a poor review.

This gives you a chance to resolve the issue and prevent a negative review on your 3rd party platform.

Price: Free. Higher plans available


#19 Growave – Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC


Collect photo reviews on autopilot with our review requests. Showcase review rating rich snippets on Google. Integrate with Google Shopping.

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

Best for small and medium-sized Shopify stores to have loyalty & rewards, reviews, wishlist, Instagram, and UGC from one place instead of several separate apps.

Price: Free. Higher plans available


That was by no means an exhaustive list but you should never be installing all apps under the sun in an attempt to get more sales. Apps should always be researched and should add value to your store.