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Originally Published May 1, 2021.

At some point when running your Shopify store, you might have wondered why customers are not buying from your shop even though they’ve been directed to it.

You might have invested a lot of time and effort in setting up the store, but what’s the point if you’re not getting any sales? 

How to get your next 1000 customers buying from your Shopify store in 2024

In this guide, we discuss different methods suggested by Shopify experts and successful retailers to get more customers to buy from you on Shopify. 

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Things to know about increasing Shopify store traffic 

Getting more traffic to your site is not ultimately a sign that you are making more sales. Yes, it increases the likelihood of people buying from your store, but it doesn’t automatically translate to a higher number of purchases

Here are a few things to ask yourself: 

  • Is the product good? While buying a product, customers make a cost-benefit analysis, and a good product passes this analysis. Basically, the product must bring enough value to the customer for them to spend money on it 
  • Is it your target market? Your target market refers to the customers who are already buying similar products or have bought this product in the past. Is your store visible to these people? 
  • Do you have a compelling copy? When updating products on their Shopify page, many shop owners overlook the importance of a good copy. The product description enables your product to stand apart from the competition. Why should the customer buy a pair of shoes from your Shopify store rather than a thousand others that are selling similar items? 

How to get more customers to buy from your Shopify store 

Two of the best ways to make your customers buy more products from your shop are cross-selling and upselling. Instead of convincing the shoppers to get expensive items, you can cross-sell the products, encouraging them to buy complementary products. 

When used with upselling, cross-selling can increase the basket size of your customers, bringing you more revenue. 

For instance, if a customer is buying shoes from your store, cross-sell the boots with a four-pack of socks. To upsell this offer, show them a pair of boots that’s priced higher and ask them if they want to upgrade the purchase. 

The trick here is to not come across as pushy. You should only cross-sell products that are actually related to each other. If you’re showing irrelevant products, you might end up losing the original sale in the process too. 

Here are a few ways to get more customers to buy from your store. 

Method 1: SPIN Framework 

SPIN is a framework for sales and marketing that gives your customers a personalized shopping experience. Here’s the breakdown of this strategy: 

  • Situation: These questions help you identify the needs of your customers 
  • Problem: These questions allow the customers to understand their requirements 
  • Implication: Things that uncover the problem’s impact 
  • Need-payoff: Questions that show how the solution will help solve the customer’s problem 

Using this framework, you familiarize the customers with a problem that they were not even aware of in the first place. 

For example, let’s say you sell digital cameras. To upsell the expensive camera, you can talk about its advantages. You can say that although both cameras get the job done, the more expensive options will give you professional, high-quality images. 

Once the customers are convinced, it’s time to cross-sell the expensive camera to increase your sales even more. Show the customers that this camera is often bought with a camera bag since it makes it easier for you to carry the camera. 

So, you’re firstly telling the customers there’s a problem – carrying the camera. Then, you give them a solution for it – the camera bag

The best way to make your cross-sell and upsell work is by adding value to it. Tell your customers if they buy both products together, they’ll get a 10% off on the bag. That’s a sure sale right there. 

Method 2: Limited Time Offers 

Nothing gets customers to buy a product like a limited time offer. With such offers, you can draw attention to certain products in your store. 

Make sure to put a timeline on your promotions so that the customers are inclined to shop for the product as soon as possible. Here are some ways to encourage people to take immediate action. 

  • Flash sales 
  • Scheduled discount events, such as near Easter or Valentine’s Day 
  • Offer ‘last chance’ options to customers who might have visited the product page or shown interest in the product 

Method 3: Product Bundling 

Another way to urge your customers to buy more is by bundling the products. Even better, allow your customers to make bundles using their preferred products to increase sales. 

You can persuade your customers to buy bundles by offering a discounted price.

Method 4: Gifts and Rewards 

Initially, you might have to give your customer rewards for shopping from you. For instance, you can give them a $5 gift card for a purchase over $100. 

So, even if your customer’s original total was $80, they’d want to add another item from your store to the cart just to get that $5 gift card. 

Furthermore, such offers keep the customers loyal to you since you are giving them incentives to shop from your store. 


Simply put, you can urge your customers to buy more by offering them value that they cannot find at your competitors’ stores.

Make sure the products are up to the standard and offer discounts, bundles, rewards, and special offers to boost sales.