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Originally Published March 14, 2021.

4 Best Referral and Loyalty Shopify Apps

If you’re looking to add revenue to your Shopify store and increase your sales, referral and loyalty apps are a great way to do this. We look at the four best referral and loyalty Shopify apps below to help you decide, which one is best suited for your store.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile IO loyalty Shopify app

Price: Free plan or $49/month or $199/month or $599/month

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is a loyalty Shopify app that allows Shopify merchants to attract and retain their most loyal customers. Easily boost sales from your existing customer base through referrals, pop ups, campaigns and more.

Create an engaging and modern rewards scheme for your customers whilst incorporating your existing brand and assets.

Customers can easily collect points for actions such as creating an account, placing an order or celebrating their birthday. The points can be redeemed for coupon codes or free gifts at checkout.

If you are looking for a referral program, this app allows you to create social proof with word-of-mouth marketing. Easily encourage customers to refer their friends with referral links. Even provide VIP statuses and perks to your strong customers.

It can easily integrate with other Shopify apps such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, PushOwl and many more.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy loyalty Shopify app

Price: 30-day free trial then $49/month

Referral Candy focuses on referrals. Word of mouth influences a huge proportion of buying decisions amongst consumers. It’s a loyalty Shopify app that allows you to create social proof and increase customer retention.

Track your sales using the built-in dashboard and easily identify your top referrers. Perhaps rewards them further.

Referral Candy integrates with Klaviyo and Mailchimp so your emails never have to stop. Shopify merchants can customise their emails and landing pages to match branding and social shares such as Facebook and Instagram clicks and likes can be monitored.

Loyalty Lion: Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

Loyalty Lion loyalty Shopify app

Price: Free plan or $159/month or $399/month or $699/month depending on monthly orders

Loyalty Lion is an award-winning loyalty Shopify app that has been installed on thousands of ecommerce stores where it increases customer engagement and revenue.

Customers on your store can build points and referrals for purchasing products, sign-ups, reviews, referrals, social follows and likes and your birthday.

Customers are rewarded by redeeming their points for discounts and free shipping, money off discounts on certain products, VIP access to new collections and free products.

Loyalty Lion is a great way to increase your repeat purchase transactions, as well as acquire new customers via the referral/refer a friend scheme.

Grow your social presence and audiences by getting customers to like, follow and share posts and gain points for doing so. Incentivize reviews from happy customers and create loyalty tiers for your most loyal customers.

The app can be customized to fit in with your own brand and is easily integrated with many other apps such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, Loox, Yotpo and Zendesk.

Conjured Referrals

Conjured Referrals loyalty Shopify app

Price: 14-day free trial then $29/month or $99/month or $299/month or $1000/month

Conjured Referrals easily increase your sales through word-of-mouth marketing, which is such a powerful tool. Customers are more likely to purchase from your store if they’ve been referred by a friend. Encourage your customers to refer their friends. If their friend purchases from your store, your customer receives a discount and therefore purchases again, increasing your revenue.

Easily manage your referral program from your home dashboard, review the stats, check your campaign progress and optimize them. You can set up automatic campaigns and let them run in the background.

Customers share a referral link via email, SMS, or social media where their friend receives a unique coupon. When the friend purchases, the original customer gets their own discount code.

Perhaps your wondering which plan is best for you? If your Shopify store processes less than 400 orders a month, the free plan will let you build and customize a loyalty program to allow your customers to collect and use their points.

If increasing your revenue and sales is important to you, why not try upselling too? It’s a great to get your customers to increase their average order value by showing relevant other products to them on the product pages. Check out SellUp to gain insight into what an upsell app can do for you.

An excellent referral and loyalty program is one that will satisfy your existing customers whilst helping to gain new ones, which in turn leads to more sales and revenue. It might be worth thinking about customer retention too. Referral and loyalty programs play a huge part in getting your customers to return to your store and purchase again.

We’ve discussed our four best referral and loyalty Shopify apps, now it’s up to you to install the app that best suits your brand and wait for the referrals to hit.