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Multiple Timers (Rules)

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Delivery Timer now supports multiple timers.

Who needs rules?

This is perfect if you have products or groups of products that have different lead or delivery/shipping times. For example, 90% of your store may dispatch products same day but you may have some custom products like Print on Demand which take a little longer. With Delivery Timer, you can create a rule for the custom products with a longer lead time.

Multiple timers area also great for Print On Demand Stores and Dropshipping stores.

When you won’t need Rules

If you stock 100% of your products and they all follow the same process then you probably won’t need to use rules.

Rules Options

Rules follow a similar process to the default timer you see on the home page. To add a new rule, just click “Add Rule” in the header. Next, you will be taken to the rules overview. This lists any current active rules and also allows you to create them.

To create a new rule, you just need to give your rule a name and select the Product or Collection this applies to. Once added, you are taken to the familiar looking settings page to tweak the timer to your needs.

Important to note.

Whilst 95% of the options are the same for rules as they are for the lead time, there are a few minor differences.

  • There is no exclude collection for rules. This is because the default lead timer handles any products you don’t want the timer to show on. If there is any product you don’t want a timer to appear on, it needs to be in the default collection for exclusion outlined here.
  • There are no date pickers to exclude individual dates. Again, the lead timer will handle this because date exclusions will usually apply to office closures or bank holidays.
  • If you create a Rule for a specific product/collection and then delete the Product/collection because you are recreating them in Shopify, you will need to reconfigure the Rule with the newly created Product/Collection.
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