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Hide Delivery Timer on certain products

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If you want to hide Delivery Timer on certain products, you can. Delivery Timer works on a product level basis.

To do this, head to “Default timer” on the Delivery Timer App and scroll to the “Visibility” section. Here you will see the following option:



Here you can choose a collection to hide the timer on or any product based tags.


Out of Stock Products

A popular request is to hide the timer on products that are out of stock.

You can do this with a collection. This collection is only for admin purposes. You don’t need to show this collection on the frontend of your store.

To do this, create a collection in Shopify as follows. Call it “out of stock” for example and make it “Automated” with inventory stock – is less than 1:

Then simply head over to Delivery timer and select this collection at the bottom in the Visibility Section in the Default timer.



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