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What is your Refund Policy?

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One of our goals at LAUNCHTIP is to reduce the barrier to entry for using our Apps without any upfront cost.

This allows you as a merchant to make sure the app is the right choice for your store.

The ways in which we reduce barrier to entry are as follows:

  • Trial Periods
  • Partner/Developer Friendly Apps
  • Partner/Developer Plan Activations

As a result of these measures, this gives plenty of time and opportunity for a merchant to address the use case of an App within their store without an upfront cost.

For example. If you enter a Free Trial Period with Netflix, after 30 days, the billing will commence. The onus is on you to remove or unsubscribe. After all, you are getting a service for free up until this point. You can’t say fairer than that. Irregardless if you use or don’t use Netflix after the 30 day period, if you haven’t cancelled the subscription, you would be unable to ask for a refund on the basis of “I did not use the App”. Remember, you had a Free Trial to use the service with no obligation and plenty of time to see if it was a good fit for you.

With Shopify Apps, they work the same way. Shopify presents you with a Confirmation Charge Screen and you will always see the date at which the billing will commence along with the Trial Period. On top of this, Shopify makes it super easy to cancel. All you need to do is uninstall before the billing date. That’s it.

Refunds are not issued for outages under the SLA; Individual cases where merchants may feel they have not seen an improvement in sales; Trialing of upgraded plans without prior contact.

Should there be an incorrect charge where you have either been billed during a Trial period for example, you can request a review from us. Please provide the date you installed the app and we can check the logs that Shopify provide us in order to identify the issue.

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