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Cart Upsells – What are they?

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Cart Upsells allow you to select up to 3 products to show in your cart. This is part of SellUp Pro.

These products are static and should be “general” items. By this, we mean they should be upsells that would appeal to the majority of customers flowing through your store.

Think of it like the checkout at a supermarket. The mints, chewing gums and batteries are quick upsells. They appeal to practically everyone.


Please note, Cart Upsells only work with stores that make use of the cart page. If your store is using a side drawer cart and never hits an actual cart page before checkout, you will miss this upsell opportunity.

How to enable Page Cart if disabled:

Known Themes with Side Carts:


All you need to do is change the themes cart to use page. To disable these cart types and change your cart type, please go to “Customize theme” in your shopify dashboard under sales channel “Online Store”. Under “Cart Page” (or a similar section), change “Cart type” to “Page”. Drawer, slide out, or modal cart types are incompatible with option pricing.

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