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By default, the timer will display on product pages.

This is the most popular place as utilised by Amazon and many other merchants and is fully supported by Delivery Timer.

If you want to also output the timer in the cart page, you can do so by inserting the following script into your theme’s cart liquid or equivalent section/snippet:

<div id="delivery_timer_wrapper"></div>

Doing the above will mean the timer is now also outputted on the cart page. If you wanted to hide it outputting on the product page, you could use product page targeted CSS to do so. We can not carry out this for you, you will need a Shopify Expert or someone with Shopify Liquid HTML/CSS knowledge.

Please note. We don’t officially support extended use of Delivery Timer outside of the product pages. Any issues encountered with Delivery Timer being shown elsewhere on your Shopify store will need to be resolved by your theme developer or a Shopify Expert.

Finally, you could also chose to output it in the header. If you do this, it will show everywhere in your store except the checkout.

Please note, when outputting the timer on non-product pages, the default timer settings will be applied. For example, if you output the timer in the cart, only the default timer settings will be displayed.

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