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Is SellUp compatible with Page Builders?

The quick answer is yes and no.

Page Builders such as Shogun, GemPages, PageFly, Zipify etc work by either creating new pages in your store under /pages or in some circumstances, overriding a Product or Collection page.


When SellUp will work with Page Builders

SellUp is an upsell App that works by identifying the products you select and showing the upsells to that product that you wish to show.

In order for SellUp to work correctly, it requires a Product based page so that it can identify the product.

If the page builder you are using allows you to either modify your existing Product.Liquid based page or create a new Product.Liquid based page then SellUp should work fine. On occasions, it may work fine without any interjection. If it doesn’t show, you may need to insert the script as an HTML block.


When SellUp won’t work with Page Builders

SellUp won’t work on any page that isn’t a Product.liquid based page. So any Pages, Blogs, Home Page, Collection page etc, SellUps On Page and Action Upsells can’t identify the product so it can’t load.

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