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My site mini cart/side cart does not update after an upsell is added?

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First Step – Disable Ajax

If you have the AJAX checkbox selected in the SellUp settings, consider unchecking this.

As a result, upsells added will then redirect to the cart provided your theme is not blocking this. This will clearly communicate to the customer that the upsell was added and any mini-carts should be updated.

I have checked the first step but my theme is not redirecting

This is an issue found with some themes.

We have built SellUp to Upsell and communicate clearly that the item has been added to the cart within the remits of what we, the app provider, can do. This is done by changing the text on the button after a click. In some cases, the theme is using a static cart. The contents will not be shown until the page is refreshed or the customer goes to their cart.

This is simply down to your theme. It may utilise a mini-cart, a side cart, a floating cart and so on. SellUp adds the product via the Cart API, an industry standard practice.


If your store redirects to the cart after a product is added then you will not see this issue

If your product page refreshes after an add to cart by default, you will not see this issue.

If your theme is using an AJAX cart that detects basket changes then you will not see this issue. Please note: an AJAX cart will still need to be triggered from an action using Javascript. Simply having an AJAX cart doesn’t mean it will work as expected.



If you are affected by this and wish to get your theme updating to relay this issue, please read on.

For the most part, this has little to no effect on the customer as they have been communicated that the item is in their cart and will eventually (hopefully) get to the checkout.

Some themes can be modified to listen to cart changes and you can also use some JS to force a refresh/update of the AJAX cart or current page after an item has been added. You will need to request your developer alters this for you, seek help from the theme developer or get a Shopify Expert to assist if you need your mini cart to refresh.

SellUp is calling cart add JSON on click with these events:


You can also look at Cart App solutions such as Sticky Cart that provide a cart widget on your store. These usually listen to cart changes and refresh in realtime. This would also relay to the customer that the item has been added.

We are unable to make these changes to Third Party themes ourselves. Our policy on why we can’t do that is here.

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