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Design settings and styling SellUp

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Overview of the control & design settings

Styling SellUp is simple. We have designed it to inherit your themes settings but you can tweak individual settings from the SellUp global settings.

The settings for SellUp are split into 3 components. The first two components are “General” and “Popup”. General controls where the SellUp is outputted on the product page, style, whether to show pricing, language strings, margin and functionality when an Upsell is added to cart.

The second component is “Popup”. This controls the popup that is shown on the frontend IF a product has variants and you haven’t specified a particular variant in the SellUp app. For example, if you were upselling “Shoes” on a coat product, then in SellUp you leave the “Select a variant” empty. Then on the frontend, when a customer clicks “Add this”, a popup shows allowing the customer to select a size. Under the popup tab, you can control colours and language strings of the popup.


The 3rd component is for the upsells detail settings for display. This also includes language strings, button and spacing.


Individual Display Settings per Upsell

On each upsell you create, you can also change a few display details. This includes hiding the price for that specific upsell and also creating a custom title.

Custom titles are a great way to create a “Call to Action”. For example, you could create a golf ball upsell on a set of golf clubs. Rather than having “3 x White Golf balls”, you could change the title to “Add some extra Golf balls?”. This is a call to action inviting the customer to add them to their basket.

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