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There are 3 types or reporting metrics that SellUp provides.

These are: Upsells Created, Upsells Views and Upsells Adds.


Upsells Created

This is the amount of upsells you have created within the app.


Upsells Views

This is the amount of times your upsells have been viewed in the past 30 days.


Upsells Adds

This is the amount of times an upsell has been added to a customers cart.


Can I see successful purchases?

There is no direct metric to see orders containing your upsells. This is because SellUp would require access to your customer data. SellUp is a data friendly app and does not have any access to any customer data.

That being said, if your upsells are being added to cart then you have most likely created offerings that make sense to the customer.

Individual metrics are available for some upsells. Upsells that are collection based will not have access to individual metrics.

“Add to carts” is the most important vs Views. If this is showing positive traction, the rest will simply come down to how well your store converts in general for an order.

For example, an upsell with 100 views and 0 add to carts would indicate a problematic offer. On the other hand, an upsell with 100 views and 5 add to carts would represent good traction.

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