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The app is not working as it should on my store?

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Shopify is a great product out of the box. From time to time, merchants just like you need to extend its functionality to improve your store, increase ROI, get more sales and so on.

The easiest way to extend a Shopify store is by using an App.

In most cases, a merchant will install an app and everything will work out the box. In some cases, there will be an issue.

The first port of call for an issue should be this Knowledge Base. We have articles addressing most common issues and their solutions. If the Knowledge Base route has been exhausted then there may be a deeper issue such as a conflict.



As EVERY store is practically unique, pinpointing an issue can be a resource intensive process.

The more Apps a merchant installs on their store, the more at risk you become. These conflicts can include:

  • Javascript Conflicts
  • CSS Conflicts
  • App to App Conflicts
  • App to Theme Conflicts
  • Speed and Resource Issues

For example, if your theme is a third party theme and makes use of JS libraries, these can sometimes cause issues with the JS libraries an App may wish to load and use.

Another example is DIV labels. If a theme is using a non conventional DIV class which an App may need to target, this can cause issues. The same can be said with clashing CSS classes.



That’s all great but as a merchant, I want solutions!

As a provider of Apps and support, we can assist to our best abilities with our own Apps. What we can’t do, is to start making changes to other Apps and themes in order to get correct functionality. This can lead to long lengths of support required and access to resources we may not have access to such as other developers Apps and themes.

Please note: We offer limited support to free users of our apps. If you have an issue and are on a paid plan, we will endeavour to resolve the issue provided it is an issue derived from our App and not your setup.

We endeavour to assist in pinpointing the issues causing our App to not be working on merchants setups and will always push to fix an issue where possible and feasible.

If you require customisation supported outside of our apps, you are advised to seek support from the Experts Directory.

Unfortunately, in rare instances, there will be Stores with certain Apps installed, specific Theme in use and a configuration which results in one of our apps being incompatible out of the box. If for whatever reason this is the case, we will always assist in viable routes forward such as the recommendation of other 3rd Party Apps where applicable.


If you have not found what you are looking for, you can open a support ticket.
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