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Create a Discounted Upsell

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Creating a discounted Upsell is a great way to offer an upsell and convert the upsell.

Being offered 10-20% off the product you are being offered will get more people adding the upsell offer to their cart.


To achieve this with SellUp, You need to be on the Pro Plan.

Once activated, you need to create an Action Upsell.


For your Action Upsell, you need to communicate your offer here. For example, if you have a T-Shirt and want to offer a Baseball Cap with 20% off as the upsell, you would add a title to your Action Upsell like “Get 20% off this Hat when bought with this T-Shirt”. This communicates to the customer that they will get 20% off provided both items are in the cart.



Once you have the Action Upsell set up, there is one final thing you need to do. You need to create an “Automatic Discount” under your Shopify Admin. This will allow the discount in the customers cart to happen. Using our example, you would set up an Automatic Discount so that “When Customer Buys This T-Shirt, they get 20% off This BaseBall Cap”.

You can find out more about Shopify’s Automatic Discounts here.

If you have already used your Automatic Discount slot in your store, you can offer a standard discount code. Just remember to set one up and then prompt the user to enter the code at checkout through the upsell offer text.



Another solution is to duplicate the product in your store and give it a cheaper price. There are some caveats with this. You lose inventory control. The second is a savvy customer could add the discounted upsell and then remove the original item. You could simply refund this in the very rare cases.



Whilst discounted upsells may seem like a way to make more, you don’t really need to discount. As long as the upsell pairing makes sense, the take rate can be fairly strong without having to offer any discount.

SellUp Shopify Upsell App
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