How to display an estimated delivery date on your Shopify store

How to display an estimated delivery date on your Shopify store

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Give the information your customers seek when buying and they will be more inclined to buy! Showing Order Deadline Times and Estimated Delivery Dates can really help with conversions

Think about it, as a customer what information is important to you when buying? Amazon has risen in popularity not because it is the cheapest but because it is efficient. When buying, you aren’t left guessing. You know if you will get something next day with prime if you order by a certain time. Check the example below:

Straightaway it is clear to the potential buyer that if they order within 4 hours, 9 minutes then they will get Free Delivery by Tomorrow.

Now, don’t get concerned with trying to compete with Amazon and feel you have to offer free next day delivery. You don’t. It is of course a bonus if you can but what is actually more important to any buyer is simply being made aware of their options.

By showing similar key details on your product pages, you will be informing the customer of details they may well need in order to click the Add to Cart button. If they cant easily find this information, they may find another vendor that can.


How can I achieve this with Shopify?

Shopify is a vast platform that caters to most needs out of the box. For functionality like the above, you will need to extend it with an App. A lot of Shopify merchants make a HUGE mistake here. They think “$10 a month for that App, Il save the money instead!”. You need to look at it from the other angle, the business angle. That $10 a month App may in turn generate you more business because of XYZ. As a result, the $10 you invested in that App for that month meant 22 customers bought when they otherwise wouldn’t have. If your Average order value is $15 for example, then that would equate to $330. Suddenly, that $10 App made you $330.

This applies for customer information. Give the potential buyers every reason to buy from you.

There were a couple of Apps that offered the above functionality but some were overly complex and quite expensive. So we built our own called DeliveryTimer.


You can style it to match your store. You can choose to display just an order cutoff time / Order By Deadline or you can also include an estimated delivery date. A trick with the estimated delivery date is to word it within a general time frame that covers all your shipping options or just an express option e.g “Order in the next 4 hours, 23 Minutes and chose Express Delivery to get it by Tomorrow” or “Order in the next 4 hours, 23 Minutes and receive it on or before Wednesday 27th March” ( You can set lead days to give yourself enough of a buffer).

Remember, the main point of an app like this is to inform a customer and make them feel comfortable with buying from you. This will then lead to more conversions.

You can view DeliveryTimer here. If you need any help setting it up, you can reach out to us and we will happily assist. It also comes with a 7 Day Free trial for you to have a play with! If you want to find out more about Delivery Timer, click here.

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