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Create a Shopify upsell offer in cart without using an app

Create a Shopify upsell offer in cart without using an app

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Looking for a way to upsell in the cart on your Shopify store without an App? You are in luck. Thanks to YouTuber Jan, this is achievable via AJAX provided your theme as a side drawer cart.

Why upsell?

Ok, if you are seeking the answer to this question because you don’t know what upselling is or the benefits, I will send you over to this post here. Once you have read that, come on back! For those that do know what upselling is, let’s continue.

How to upsell in the cart without an App

The below video walks you through step by step on how to upsell on your Shopify store without an app. There are a couple of prerequisites.

  • You MUST back up your theme
  • Your theme has a side drawer AJAX cart
  • You must be comfortable editing your themes code

Alternative solution

As noted above, the no app solution requires a level of code customization to your theme. It also comes with some drawbacks in that it is not dynamic so the offers are fixed. The final aspect is it is limited to the cart drawer.

A more in-depth solution is to use an App. Now typically merchants associate apps with costs but with upselling, this cost becomes a positive ROI when deployed correctly. That is to say, if you create upsells on your store that make sense and appeal to your customers, they will buy them. This can rocket your AOV or “Average Order Value” meaning the app not only covers its own costs but actually earns your store a chunk of extra revenue.


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