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Delivery Timer allows you to show a handy visual or text based timer on your product pages and other store pages. This is a great way to create urgency and increase conversions. It is also helpful to customers who seek this information and may otherwise not purchase without it.

Why Delivery Timer?


Customers like to know a store's shipping information. A handy timer is all you need.


A well positioned timer will gently nudge customers to the Add to Cart button.


The app is essentially free... From the increase in conversions, it pays for itself.

In Action.

Make your sales pop with Delivery Timer. Delivery Timer allows you to display delivery/shipping time information surrounding your store’s order by/cut-off times, dispatch times and estimated shipping/delivery dates. 

Customers often want to know “when can I order by today for the quickest processing” and “When can I expect the order by”. Delivery Timer can answer these questions for your customers assisting you to increasing your conversion rate and increasing sales with a text based or visual timer.


We have created a page dedicated to the benefits of Delivery Timer and why a merchant needs it on their store. You can check it out here.

Delivery Timer is free including all features for upto 500 views every month! Additional pricing information is available here.With the increase in conversions and sales, it will more than pay for itself every month.

Yes. You can setup zones for additional countries and states to show different lead and shipping times for those zones.

Check out our knowledge base here.

Delivery Timer Testimonials.

Our merchants speak for us through their verified reviews from the Shopify App Store.

Not only an awesome app with a fair price but also an AMAZING SUPPORT! Talk to Dan who took a custom personal request and made it available for me in less than 24 hours with live documentation and helped me thru the process. Just great....
Meat House Panama
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store
It does just what we needed it to do, I had an issue (operator error) with setup, but the developer offered quick support and resolved it. Thanks!
Low Brow Customs LLC
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store
This app does exactly what I need and is very easy to install and customize. I had a minor issue with the Danish translation but the very friendly support solved it right away. Would definitely recommend!
Dress The Bird
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store

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