Why every Shopify store NEEDS this app.

Shopify is a great platform. With some additional apps in the right place, it’s the perfect platform.

So, what's the technique?

One of the largest Online stores uses this very technique to increase Shopper engagement and sales. Heard of Amazon? Let’s be honest, you probably have. This is one of their best techniques but to add it to Shopify, you need an app.

Can you see the trigger?

Key information.
Customers about to buy can see everything they need from the product page. Amazon thrive at this serving their 310 million customers with this tactic.
The most important aspect sits below the price and above the in stock. It’s the ‘WHEN AM I GOING TO GET IT’ element. In this example, “FREE Delivery By Saturday if you order within 21 hrs and 31 mins”

Clear message.

The Shipping and Delivery Information is provided to the customer in a digestible format.


As a result of this information, all the boxes have been ticked and they are now ready to purchase.


Conversion rate increases. Without this, the customer has to find this and if they cant be bothered, they simply hit the back button.

How to get it on your Store? Easy.

Delivery Timer for Shopify can have this functionality on your store in under 60 seconds. Here it is in action!

delivery timer

It's a win, win.

Delivery Timer is FREE up to 500 views a month. Delivery Timer is the leading Shopify Countdown timer for Amazon Style Alerts. The App will end up paying for itself with the increase in conversions. It is a win win.