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Originally Published June 23, 2020.

Shopify App Alternative to ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

Looking for a cheaper alternative to ReConvert’s upsell app? Give SellUp a try.

SellUp allows for upsells to be created directly on the product page under the buy box. This is an optimal place to put upsells without being too obtrusive. Using SellUp’s unique call-to-action feature, you can upgrade the upsell product titles to smart titles inviting your customers to take up the offers. You can read more up on this here.

If you are looking to DOMINATE your strategy, you can actually use both Apps simultaneously. Using SellUp to offer extremely well placed Upsells and ReConvert can handle the repeat purchases. Win, win.

Looking for a more comprehensive overview of upselling on Shopify and the best apps to do so? Check out this upsell guide here.


Why SellUp?

SellUp is one of best valued upsell apps available for Shopify. It comes with a free plan for up to 500 views each month. This allows you to check out the power of SellUp without committing any of your hard earned cash.

You can setup unlimited upsells allowing you to significantly boost your sales. This in theory would more than cover the monthly cost of SellUp, thus making it free! A no brainer. You can also unlock Action Upsells and In Cart Upsells to further maximise your Average Order Value.


How to get SellUp?

You can learn more about SellUp here or you can grab SellUp from the Shopify App Store here.