SellUp – Shopify Upsell App

With SellUp, you can create precision based upsells for your Shopify store. SellUp is powerful in that you can introduce SellUp just below the products main “Add to Cart” button also known as the buy box. This allows you to capture the shoppers attention and maximize your Shopify stores revenue potential. With upselling, you can amplify your sales by turning 1 product orders into 2, 3, 4+ and so on. 

SellUp is the #1 Action upsell app for Shopify. This allows you to trigger an upsell on a products “Add to cart” button. The customer is then presented with up-to 3 Upsells based on your rules.

Upselling allows you to increase your Shopify stores average order value or “AOV”. In return this will increase your overall revenue as you will be making more per sale.

This makes SellUp one of the most powerful apps you can have for your Shopify store. It will also pay for itself, win win!

Great app. One of those apps where you get a really high level of Customer Service which makes all the difference.
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This app is great. Easy to use and extremely effective. The support is also fantastic if you ever need it
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Great attention, friendly and fast answers. Dan helped us to implement the plugin in the exact way we needed.
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What can SellUp do?

SellUp can amplify your sales, overnight. With SellUp, you can deploy an upsell strategy for your store and start turning single orders into multi-product orders. This will boost your revenue.

SellUp allows you to create On-Page Upsells, Action Upsells, Cart Upsells and Post Purchase Upsells.

How much does SellUp cost?

SellUp is Free which includes 1 upsell. SellUp Pro costs just $14.99 a month and allows you to create UNLIMITED upsells (think of the possibilities!). With the increase in conversions and sales from cross-sells & up-sells, it will more than likely pay for itself every month.

Where can I get SellUp?

You can grab it from the Shopify App Store. Click the App Store button above.

I need help with SellUp

Check out our knowledge base here.

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