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Unlock additional revenue from your Shopify store with add ons, cross-sells & upsells.

Create Add Ons on Shopify

SellUp allows you to turn single-product, low value orders into multi-product higher value orders on your Shopify store. Imagine orders coming in consistently with multiple products… that’s a store with SellUp. By activating SellUp across your store, you can offer additional products throughout your customers journey creating higher value orders. SellUp is your 24/7 sales assistant working whilst you sleep.

Powerful Action Offers.

Display irresistible cross-sell and upsell offers right after a customer adds a product on your Shopify store. Convert even more with engaged shoppers right on the product page.

Try out Action Offers below...

Below is an interactive walkthrough of how Action Offers work. You can also create multiple Action Offers and chain them into a funnel.

On Page Offers & Add-Ons.

Place high converting, optimal offers next to the buy box and maximise your revenue on your Shopify store. Display products as add ons with a familiar Add to Cart or our pioneering Checkbox offer style.

Try out On Page Offers & Add Ons below...

Below is an interactive walkthrough of how On Page Offers work. You can use checkboxes that add alongside the Add to Cart or you can use separate buttons.

Create funnels

Create cross-sell & upsell funnels to maximise revenue from every Shopify order on your store. Squeeze every last cent out of your customers.

Shopify funnels

Dynamic Cart Upsells

Introducing Dynamic Cart Upsells. Now you can offer specific products based on the customers cart. Further hyper-targeted upsell opportunities for your Shopify store.

Why SellUp?

Ignite revenue.

Turn your single product orders into multiple product orders. That means a LOT more revenue.

Upsell journey.

Upsell under the buy box. In a popup. In the Cart. Post purchase. The complete journey.


The app is essentially free. Here is how... From the increase in upsell revenue, it pays for itself!


SellUp can amplify your sales, overnight. With SellUp, you can deploy a cross-sell & upsell strategy for your store and start turning single orders into multi-product orders. This will boost your revenue.

SellUp allows you to create On-Page Upsells, Action Upsells, Cart Upsells and Post Purchase Upsells.

SellUp is free including all features and UNLIMITED upsells for upto 500 Offer views per month! After that, you are billed based on offer views. Additional pricing information is available here.

Think of SellUp not as a cost but as an investment. As SellUp can provide a positive ROI, you would be paying us to make you more revenue…

With the increase in conversions and sales from cross-sells & up-sells, it will more than pay for itself every month.

You can grab it from the Shopify App Store. Click the App Store button above.

Check out our knowledge base here.

SellUp Testimonials.

Our merchants speak for us through their verified reviews from the Shopify App Store.

Great app. One of those apps where you get a really high level of Customer Service which makes all the difference.
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store
This app is great. Easy to use and extremely effective. The support is also fantastic if you ever need it
Bijou Candles
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store
Great attention, friendly and fast answers. Dan helped us to implement the plugin in the exact way we needed.
★★★★★ via Shopify App Store

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