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Originally Published April 29, 2021.

Create your own gift sets with the best 3 Shopify apps

If you want your store to take off, you might want to give your customers an option to create gift sets for themselves. For instance, you can let the buyers put together a product bundle, adding items they want to buy together as a gift set. 

Moreover, you can offer discounts on gift sets to increase their sales. Which Shopify apps support this functionality? In this guide, we will discuss a few apps you can use to allow shoppers to create gift sets. 

Best Shopify apps for creating gift sets 

Here are some apps that are compatible with Shopify: 


gift sets

Bundles is an app that lets you combine multiple products and link them to certain products. The app syncs the products in the bundle every time one of them is sold. 

It hardly takes a minute for the products to be synced. You do not have to make any changes to your liquid files or template. Simply install the app and select the products you want to add to a bundle in the store. 

The rest is handled by the app automatically. 

Bundle Builder 

gift sets

Bundle Builder is an app for selling custom product bundles or gift boxes. You can create amazing deals for your customers or create combinations that they might have never considered. 

Additionally, you can make new space for the bundles in your collection. If you want to promote your bundles, you can also do that through social media and email. Here are some features of this app:

  • It lets you transfer the bundle details of your customers through the Shopify admin API
  • Allows the customers to add a note if they’re creating gift sets for someone 
  • Allows customers to set up a subscription or opt for a one-time purchase

Bundle Products

Let your customers buy related products bought together with a single click. Want more sales? Pick a product and build your own customized box like mix and match. Apply a percentage discount, fixed amount discount, volume discount, fixed price on your bundle like BOGO.

  • Product Bundle
  • Variant Bundle
  • Build a Box
  • Quantity Bundle
  • Combo Bundle


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