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Upsells on the Product Page with Shopify are easily achievable with an app.

What is Upselling?

Upsell and Cross-Sell are both sales techniques for increasing average order value or “AOV”. Typically cross-selling is offering products as “additions” to the product you are going to purchase and upselling is actually replacing a product you are about to purchase with a more expensive iteration.

Nowadays, with the growth in guides, gurus and funnels, Upselling has become the primary keyword and is simply the are of increasing AOV by offering additional products.


Why Upsell on the Product Page?

Shopify Upsell on Product PageThis is one of the most efficient ways to upsell. The primary product is the landing page for the customer that’s interested in the product on offer. By leveraging this, you can “offer” similar items that either enhance that product or compliment it.

Simply offering random products with no relation will just add noise and can actually lead to a drop in conversions. The reason for this is because a customer may click on one of these random products out of interest and navigate from the product they were interested in. This can lead to an exit at a later stage with no purchase.

When upselling on the product page, you should ideally use a Call to action or “CTA”. This is directing the customer to simply add the additional product. For example, look at this post for upselling using a CTA.


How to upsell on the product page?

Shopify has no inbuilt functionality to upsell on the product page. You can achieve this with an app. Whilst there are several upsell apps available on the Shopify App Store, there is only that allows you to upsell right next to the “buy box” and with Call to Actions. SellUp is a free Shopify App that allows you to do this. To really get the most out of it, you can unlock unlimited upsells for just $14.99 a month. This not only makes it one of the cheapest, if not cheapest upsell apps on Shopify for this functionality but it also will likely pay for itself.

If you created just 10 well placed upsells on your store, the increase in average order value alone with render the app completely free. A win, win.

You can get the app from the Shopify App Store here.