Address Autocompletion on my Shopify store

What is the tip? Make sure you have address autocomplete enabled for Address. It is a feature built into Shopify.

Why should I enable Address Autocompletion? If customers can enter their address quickly and efficiently, they are less likely to drop-off during checkout. Form length and amount of details required can contribute to abandoned checkouts. Time constraints are another factor so the faster you can facilitate your customers to checkout the better. Another aspect is incorrect entry. With autocomplete, you can reduce lost parcels and angry customers.

How can I enable Address Autocompletion on my Shopify store?
Google Autocomplete for address forms makes for an easy and speedy checkout experience for customers – especially on mobile.

With Google Autocomplete, all a customer has to do is fill in the beginning characters of their address and the information will be populated automatically. This not only ensures your customers always fill in the right address but it will also expedite the checkout process.
How to enable
Address Autocompletion on my Shopify storeThis feature is available to all Shopify merchants. You can enable or disable this feature from the Checkout Settings page by selecting or unselecting Automatically provide autocompletion on address fields.

+ From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.
+ Find the Order processing section.
+ Tick to Enable address autocompletion.
+ Click Save.

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