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Originally Published July 11, 2023.

How to create a Complete the Look section on the Shopify product page

Are you looking for ways to boost your online store’s sales? One effective strategy is to offer a “Complete the Look” section on your product pages. This feature not only enhances the shopping experience for your customers but also increases the likelihood of upselling and cross-selling. In this article, we will explain what a Complete the Look function is, how it can amplify your sales, and recommend an app called SellUp that can easily help you implement this feature on your Shopify store using its On Page Offers feature.

What is a Complete the Look feature?

A Complete the Look  or Shop the look feature showcases additional products that complement the item the customer is currently viewing. It recommends accessories, related items, or similar products that enhance the overall appearance or usability of the main product. For example, if you sell dresses, the Complete the Look section can suggest matching shoes, bags, or jewelry that would complement the outfit.

By displaying these related products together, you make it convenient for customers to visualize a complete ensemble or find complementary items in a single location. This can save your customers time and effort while inspiring them to make additional purchases.

Below is an example of a Complete the Look from ASOS, an international fashion retailer.

complete the look Shopify

How Can a Complete the Look Section Boost Sales?

Implementing a Complete the Look section on your product page can have several benefits that positively impact your store’s sales:

  • Increased Average Order Value: By showcasing related products, you encourage customers to consider purchasing additional items. When a customer realizes that a complete look is just a click away, they are more likely to add those additional items to their shopping cart, leading to an increased average order value.
  • Enhanced Cross-selling and Upselling: Complete the Look sections open up opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. Upselling involves recommending higher-priced products that offer superior quality or additional features, while cross-selling suggests complementary products. By leveraging these techniques, you can boost your revenue while offering customers a more comprehensive shopping experience.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Complete the Look sections not only help customers visualize how products work together but also keep them engaged with your store. By providing a convenient way to explore additional options, you increase their time spent on your site, which can lead to a better chance of making a sale.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By presenting customers with related items, you assist them in finding the perfect combination of products to meet their needs. This personalized approach enhances customer satisfaction and promotes positive reviews and repeat purchases.

Using SellUp to Create a Complete the Look Section

Now that you understand the benefits of incorporating a Complete the Look section on your product page, let’s explore how you can achieve this using SellUp’s On Page Offers feature.

SellUp is an innovative app designed specifically for Shopify merchants. It offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to maximize sales potential. The app’s On Page Offers feature allows you to create and customize a Complete the Look section effortlessly.

With SellUp, you can easily manage your product recommendations based on the lead product. As result you can easily display “complete the look” products.

Additionally, SellUp’s design and placement options enable you to seamlessly integrate the Complete the Look section into your product page. You can position the section appropriately to grab your customers’ attention without detracting from their overall shopping experience.

We have setup the above ASOS example leveraging SellUp using the On Page feature.

The result is a hyper converting, complete the look add on section directly on the product page. Variants can be selected by the customer in a popup modal when they add them to their basket.

What is even better is the absence of discounting required to make this a success. Customers feel a desire to complete the look and purchase the matching items so you don’t need to impact your margins with unnecessary reductions.

In conclusion, implementing a Complete the Look section on your product pages can significantly boost your sales by increasing average order value, promoting cross-selling and upselling, enhancing customer engagement, and improving customer satisfaction. With the help of SellUp’s On Page Offers feature, you can easily create a Complete the Look section on your Shopify store, allowing you to take advantage of these benefits seamlessly.

Incorporating a Complete the Look section is not only a great way to enhance the shopping experience for your customers but also a strategic move to increase your sales and revenue.

So why wait? Start implementing a Complete the Look section on your product pages today with the help of SellUp, and watch your sales soar while providing your customers with an enriched shopping experience.