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Originally Published February 17, 2020.

How to create a customer group in Shopify

Customer groups are a great way to manage your customers effectively. Perhaps you have a group of loyal customers that you want to reward by giving them discounts or you have a group of new customers that you want to build a good relationship with.

Filter and search a customer list

If you navigate to Customers in your Shopify admin, you can then filter and search for particular customers that you want to group. Select Filters in the drop-down menu and choose your option. You can then also search by adding other keywords. Once you’ve finalised your search you can save it by clicking Save search. You’ll need to give your saved search a name to continue.

Create your customer group

You will be presented with two options when you save your search. You can either Save as a new search or Overwrite an existing saved search. Continue by clicking Save. This ensures that your search/customer group has been saved. Customer groups can easily be updated with customers being removed or added when necessary.

The above shows just how easily a group of customers can be created in your Shopify store by using the search filter option. By doing this, it will make your marketing more effective and hopefully give you more sales.