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40 of the best FREE Shopify apps to enhance your store [2022 Update]

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Looking for some free Shopify apps? We have created a comprehensive list of the best free apps for Shopify merchants. Apps are the easiest and quickest way to extend your stores functionality. Depending on your stores requirements and the functionality you wish to have will determine how many apps you will need installed.

Some apps may have features that overlap but that is ok as long as you are achieving the best possible scenario for your store.

For ease, we will break the apps down into categories. To clarify once again, this is not a requirement to install all apps on this list. The more apps you have installed does not make more sales. In some cases, too many apps can slow down your store and cause a poor customer experience. You should look to optimise your store as best as possible and make sure you only have apps critical to your stores success installed.

So, let’s dive in.

40+ Best Free Shopify apps for your store

Store Design

Store design apps help you to extend the visual aspect of your store. These mainly include page builders and similar apps to enhance your storefront.



Pagefly is a page builder app that has a great free starter plan. You get multiple page types, sections and even analytics.



Layouthub is another great page builder with a familiar interface. It has a free forever plan for upto 3 pages. Great for starter stores and small shops.



Instafeed is the number one instagram feed app for putting a instagram carousel on your store. The free plan is basic but adds that instant wow factor. Upgrading gets lots of cool features to make the feed really work for your store.


Free Shipping Barhttps://apps.shopify.com/free-shipping-bar

FSB or Free Shipping Bar is a favourite amongst merchants for getting a smart looking shipping bar for your store.


OrderlyEmails – https://apps.shopify.com/email-templates

An absolute must for any merchant who needs great looking transactional emails.


Smart Search & Product Filterhttps://apps.shopify.com/cloudsearch

Smart search and product filters enhance your store functionality for your customers. If customers can find what they are looking for, then you can improve the chances of a sale. It can improve the UI and has a free plan based on your stores product count.


Covet Pics Instagramhttps://apps.shopify.com/covet-pics

Covet Pics is another great Instagram feed widget. The design is particularly strong with this widget and the free plan gets you up and running.


Promo.com Videohttps://apps.shopify.com/promo-com-promo-video-maker

Promo allows you to create brilliant videos for your Shopify store. Video can convert up to 4x better than standard imagery and this app gets you that ability for free.



Justuno is a popup app that allows you to tap into your existing traffic, collect emails and increase the chances of a sale. It has a generous free plan that covers upto 5000 session per month.


Modemagic Badges – https://apps.shopify.com/product-labels-badges-modemagic

Modemagic is a free app with a premium offering that allows you to add badges to your products. These badges can include “Hot products”, “New”, “Sale” and so on. You can also add custom badges for your use case when on a paid plan.


Product Sourcing

For some merchants, they don’t have any products to begin with. Product apps allow you to source and sell products. Some business models such as Dropshipping and Print On Demand allow you to stock no physical inventory, only paying when you get a sale.



Oberlo is primary app for Dropshippers. Acquired by Shopify, it is an app that allows you to tap into millions of products that you can markup and sell on to make a nice profit. Whilst the products are sadly not free, the use of the app is. There is a paid plan for heavy users but for most drop shippers, the free plan will be all you need.



Spocket is a similar app to Oberlo that can also tap into millions of products. It has an emphasis on US and EU merchants and can work with Oberlo. This is primarily for browsing the catalog and product research when on the free plan.


DSers AliExpresshttps://apps.shopify.com/dsers

DSers allows you to automate your drop shipping business for free. With a generous free plan, it will cover most startups and small niche shops.



Prinftul is the number one Print On Demand app with fulfilment centers worldwide. The app is extremely powerful allowing you to mockup products with realistic 3D images and then sell them on your store. You pay for the product once you have sold it and you keep the profit.



Printify is a marketplace style Shopify app for Print On Demand. It allows you to browse multiple suppliers and place orders with them. The free plan is perfect for startups but once you get traction, you will want to get the paid plan to save 20% on your product cost.



Gelato is an up and coming Print on demand app that has recently focused efforts on Shopify merchants. The catalog provides some great business opportunities and the product cost allows for some great profit margins with fulfilment centres found globally.



Conversion apps allow you to increase conversions by improving your conversion rate.



Judge me has the most generous free plan for reviews. The paid plan which is fixed at $15 is also feature rich and extremely good value. Most stores starting out will be more than satisfied with the free plan but you should make it your goal to upgrade.



Smile is a beautifully designed loyalty app that can give your store a simple yet feature rich loyalty and rewards scheme. The free plan gives you up to 10 ways to reward and will get you started.



SellUp is an app that allows you to offer upsells on your store. This is a great way to increase revenue. The free plan gets you 1 upsell and will get you started. Upgrading will get you access to all upsell types to create the perfect upsell journey.



Yotpo is a professional grade review suite. The free plan covers 50 monthly orders and is great when starting out.



Transy is a powerful app to help merchants sell cross boarder. A useful app for merchants who want to target multiple languages for a dominating dropship experience or for larger brands that have a worldwide audience. The free plan covers upto 2000 words. Paid plans are extremely good value.



Powerbuy is great group buying app. It allows you to incentivise customers to share your products with friends to get them cheaper. Its free to install for upto 1000 skus. You do pay a small commission on orders however this is only when you have sold product.



Marketing apps allow you to reach new audiences as well converting existing customers to improve lifetime value or “LTV”.



Omnisend is an email marketing application that has a great integration with Shopify. It is very intuitive to use and has a very generous free plan to help most new stores. Automation is handy to setup workflows that run in the background.



Another favourite amongst Shopify merchants is Privy. This app has been near the top or at the top of the charts for a long time. It is a great way to capture emails and has since grown to beyond popups. The free plan is enough to get you up and running.



Now considered a heavyweight in the email marketing, Klayvio is considered the number 1 email platform for Shopify by many. There is a free plan but it can get eaten up quite quickly. However, the ROI can be very impressive when configured correctly.



A nice, clean SMS solution to recover abandoned carts. There is a free allowance to win you over. Any app that can win potentially lost revenue is worth paying for at some stage.


SMS Bumphttps://apps.shopify.com/smsbump

Acquired by Yotpo, SMS Bump has been a leader in the SMS category for Shopify stores for some time. Although not 100% free, there is a free plan for stores and you pay as you go for the SMS messages which are extremely cheap.


Google Sales Channelhttps://apps.shopify.com/google

The Google Scales channel is your access key to billions of potential customers. Allowing you to set up your store catalog with Google and market your products, this should be a key channel for most merchants. Even better, Google recently announced free Shopping listings for some regions.


TikTok Channelhttps://apps.shopify.com/tiktok

TikTok has taken the world by storm. With content flowing daily, the engagement rate is high. Well positioned ads on this platform can yield fantastic results. Whilst you have to pay for the ads, look at for discounted or free ad coupons. On top of that, the app is of course free.



Arguably the leader in push notifications for it’s ease of deployment, OneSignal have a push notifications with some basic but powerful recipes including cart recovery and shipping notifications. It is currently completely free for Shopify merchants so take advantage.


Customer Support

Customer support apps help you to manage pre-sales, post-sales and customer relationships for your store.



DelightChat is a relatively new support desk software including chat and ticket support. It has a great free plan that will cover new and low volume stores.



Tidio is a frontend chat app allowing you to interact with your potential customers. With a free plan, this allows you to get up and running. Offering a chat solution can result in sales from customers who would otherwise abandon.



This app allows you to keep your customers in loop after they make a purchase. With a free plan covering 50 orders a month, this should cover most new stores getting started.



Richpanel offers a beautiful support suite for your customers to self serve as well manage their tickets. The free plan is suitable for most new stores and it comes with all the features you expect from a support suite.



Tools are apps that help you perform day-to-day operations, admin and back office functionality.


Stock Synchttps://apps.shopify.com/stock-sync

Whilst typically not needed for new stores, Stock Sync do offer a beautiful app with a free plan to get you started. If you are a new store and are starting off with a few products from a supplier that has a product feed, this will keep you in sync.



Starting a new store can be a busy task. Once you are up and running, managing the day to day can be demanding. With NoteDesk, you get a free plan that allows you to track any tasks you may need to keep track of in a simple interface accessible from Shopify.


Auto Taggerhttps://apps.shopify.com/aod-smart-auto-tagger

This is a handy app for managing business specific workflows. For example, you may want to tag new customers to send them something extra special or tag customers that have ordered over 5 items. There are many use cases and this app can do it for free.


Image Optimizerhttps://apps.shopify.com/avada-seo-suite

Able to handle upto 50 products each month, this is a great app to improve SEO surrounding your product images. New stores need every help they can get to start ranking and this free app will do the job.


Easy Digital Productshttps://apps.shopify.com/easy-digital-products

Need to sell digital products? Easy Digital Products is your answer. New stores can sell digital items with little to no upfront cost, especially if you produce the content yourself. This app gets you up and running absolutely free.


Advanced Reportshttps://apps.shopify.com/advanced-reports

Whilst new stores have a million and one things to focus on, a glance at the stats every now and then doesn’t hurt. This app will give you a great overview for free.


Slack Reportshttps://apps.shopify.com/sourcemedium

This is a beautiful and nifty app that is completely free. Its only useful if you use Slack (which also has a free plan) but it can be ideal at keeping on top of things in your day to day.


Booster Cookie Bar – https://apps.shopify.com/eu-cookie-bar

With new country laws getting tighter around peoples data, it can be daunting for new Shopify stores. This free cookie bar app will help you stay compliant so you can focus on your business.


Whilst all of these apps are free, some have paid versions. Upgrading apps to paid plans make seem like a cost but the return on investment can be extremely positive. Imagine paying $30 a month for an app that brings you $2000 for example, that seems like a pretty good deal right? As your store grows, you should look to invest where possible and apps are a great aspect to invest in for your Shopify store.

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