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Looking to give Shopify store a boost? Email marketing via newsletter subscribers is an excellent way to do this, allowing you to collect your customers’ email addresses. 

This guide is ideally suited to merchants who don’t send any newsletters currently. If you already have a beefy email marketing and newsletter configuration setup on your Shopify store, your newsletter subscribers should be syncing there.

How to easily find your newsletter subscribers in Shopify

If you have no app setup, the default way to check these is through the customers section on your Shopify store. 

How to find your newsletter subscribers

newsletter subscribers

When a customer subscribes to the newsletter, their email address will go to the customer list in ‘accepts marketing’. You can access this by clicking on the Customers section of your Shopify admin page. 

To make the process more efficient, set up a mail service. All customer emails will go to this service for you to conveniently send promotional emails. However, this setting will differ depending on the theme you’re using. 

How to add a newsletter signup to your Shopify store

Typically, all Shopify themes come with a section for newsletter signup which just needs to be activated in your theme. However, if your theme lacks this feature, you can go for an email marketing app to set a signup page.

Here’s how to add a newsletter signup page on your theme.

  • Go to the Online Store on your admin page and click on Themes
  • Choose your preferred theme and select Customize 
  • Go to Add Section 
  • You’ll see the option for Newsletter. Click on Add 
  • Write an attention-grabbing heading for the section or go for the good old ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ 
  • Enter the incentives customers will get by subscribing to your newsletter in the subheading section 
  • Click Save 

If you’re uncertain or can’t see the option, you can get in touch with your theme developers for more information on the how to collect newsletter subscriptions.