How to Efficiently Get Your Shopify Store Ranking on Google

How to Efficiently Get Your Shopify Store Ranking on Google

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How to efficiently get your Shopify store ranking on Google

If you’ve just made a Shopify store, it won’t be on Google. To get it ranking on Google, you have to follow some SEO practices. However, before you do that, you need to verify your store with Google. 

After you’ve verified your store, you need to submit your Shopify store’s sitemap to Google. You’ll find the sitemap on the root directory of your store’s domain. It would look something like this: 


For Shopify Basic plan, you’ll only get the sitemap for the primary domain of your store. However, if you have a higher plan, you’ll have a sitemap for additional domains too. 

Keep in mind that Google won’t be able to read your store if it’s password protected. Disable the password when verifying your domain and getting it ranking on Google. 

Verifying your site with Google 

Here are the steps to verify your site with Google: 

  • Go to your Google Search Console account and click the three horizontal lines 
  • Click on Add Property and choose Select Property Type 
  • Then, choose the URL prefix and type the domain name, including the https://
  • After clicking on Continue, click on Verify Ownership
  • Choose HTML tag 
  • Highlight the HTML tag and copy it. Copy everything, including the symbols 

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”IV7BPLESttSpBdxSWN1s4zlr4HIcuHkGQYmE3wLG59w” />

  • In your Shopify admin, go to the Online store and to Themes 
  • Choose your theme and click on Actions to go to Edit Code 
  • Go to Layout and click on theme.liquid 
  • Look for the <head> tag and paste the text you copied earlier on a line below this tag 
  • Save the changes 
  • Go back to Google Search Console 
  • Click on Verify

Submit sitemap 

ranking on Google

After this, you have to submit your sitemap to Google. 

  • Go to Google Search Console and select Sitemaps 
  • Click on Add a new sitemap 
  • Type in your domain’s sitemap 
  • Click Submit 

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can explore this in further detail on our full Shopify checklist and SEO ranking.

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