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Best Shopify countdown timer

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

One of the best methods for increasing your Shopify conversion rate is urgency from a countdown timer.

Countdown timers have risen in popularity. In 2018. Shopify cracked down on “false” countdowns which mislead consumers. Merchants saw a wave of apps removed from the App Store.

The largest example of a legitimate countdown that most reading this will be aware of is Amazon’s. They leverage this very well to not only increase urgency and capture sales but also to inform customers of when they need to order it by and when they will get it by. These 2 pieces of information on a store can rocket conversion rates. You can read more on this here.


What is a false countdown?

A false countdown is where the intentions of the countdown are to “rush” the customer into purchasing when there is no actual need. This is typically seen as the 10 minute countdown. Some merchants choose to have a 10 minute countdown on the product page and/or checkout page. This is misleading to the customer and can actually lead to a decrease in sales. Some customers are put off by the false sense of urgency and some order less because they feel they only have 10 minutes to browse your store. It’s a technique that is not used by any reputable commerce store on this planet so if you think it will help a low traffic store, it won’t.


What is a genuine countdown?

best genuine Shopify Countdown AppA genuine countdown is one that is supported by Shopify and welcomed by customers because it delivers the information they seek. Usually, it takes the form of “Order within the next 3 hours to get it by Thursday, June 20th” for example. In this example, the 3 hours is the urgency countdown because this is how long left the customer has to order. This is because the store is a functioning business and will process orders up to a certain hour of the day. After the order cutoff, any further orders will not be processed and dispatched until the following working day. If you are a store that processes around the clock then your cutoff time is simple 11:59pm. The second part of the countdown is the date when they can expect to receive their parcel. This is a technique employed by many successful online stores and is considered mandatory for maximising conversion rates.


How can I get a genuine countdown on my Shopify store?

There are a handful of apps offering this. We developed a Delivery Timer for this specific use and it #1 on the App Store for this feature set. It was also a Shopify Staff Pick an was featured on the App Store in 2019.

Best Shopify Countdown Timer

You can install it from the Shopify App Store. It comes with a 7 Day Free trial and comes with support.

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