How to Completely Contact All Customers With A One-Time Announcement (Without any Apps)

How to Completely Contact All Customers With A One-Time Announcement (Without any Apps)

How to completely contact all customers with a one-time announcement (without any apps)

Suppose you want to send an update to all your customers regarding their orders. How would you do that? Typically, there would be an app for this, like for any other activity you need to do on your Shopify store. 

However, using apps often means that your messages end up going to spam, and the customers do not receive the update. To prevent this, you’ll have to use a spam checker, which adds another step to the process. 

You can work around this by manually sending a message to each customer, but that would take hours. Here’s another way to make it happen. 

Contact all customers using an email marketing platform 

Klaviyo One-Time Announcement

Currently, Shopify does not natively allow you to contact all your customers with a one-time announcement. Instead, you’ll need an email marketing platform, such as Klaviyo, to update the customers. 

For instance, if you want to send a one-time message about pre-orders, you can segment your customer data accordingly. Make a segment for customers who’ve opted for pre-orders and simply send them an email. 

You can do this with pretty much every email marketing platform with Shopify integration. 

Contact all customers by exporting the customer list (No App method)

Another way to send a one-time announcement is by exporting the customer list via admin. Here’s how to do it:

  • In the Customers tab of your Shopify admin, select Export 
  • You’ll get a CSV file with the customers’ information. One column will be titled Email, containing your customers’ email addresses 
  • Copy these email addresses into your email and send a bulk message 

Again, this might seem like a bit of work, but you can opt for this method if you don’t want to use an email marketing platform or an app. 

With this way, you can also filter out the customers to whom you don’t want to send the email – for instance, customers who haven’t pre-ordered a product.


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