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How to implement cash on delivery with additional charges in Shopify

Depending on your country, you might want to offer cash on delivery (COD) to your customers when they shop from your store on Shopify. In this shipping method, the customers pay after receiving their products. 

It’s a beneficial method for bringing those customers in the loop who might not have a credit or debit card. Let’s say you’re offering cash on delivery with an additional fee in your store. How do you implement it so that the customers can see it when they’re shopping? 

Relaying this information to your customers is also critical to your stores success. You can communicate your delivery and shipping options using Delivery Timer for Shopify.

How to implement cash on delivery

Currently, Shopify doesn’t have native support for this delivery method, but you can work around this issue. Suppose you’re charging $2 for all orders above $50 and offering free shipping for orders amounting to $100. 

If you want to show your customers the charges for COD while also displaying the standard shipping model, here’s how to do it. 

  • Go to Settings and then to Shipping
  • Now, add a new shipping rate here. You can title it COD + Standard 
  • Keep the maximum value $1.99 and the minimum value $0.1. Keep the price at $1.75. Save the changes and return to the Shipping menu 
  • Add another shipping rate. Title it Free + COD. Here, keep the minimum $100 and let the maximum value be blank. Keep the price at $1.75. Save the changes 
  • Now, under Payments, go to Manual Payments 
  • Select Cash On Delivery and enable it 

Now, when a customer shops from your store, they’ll see two options in the shipping method section. The COD + Standard will be shown for the orders with a value less than $100. On the other hand, the Free + COD shipping method will be shown for orders above $100. 

Finally, when the customers go to the payment method after adding a product to the cart, they can select COD.