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How to obtain data of a specific item by product ID in Shopify

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How to obtain data of a specific item by product ID in Shopify

If you have been struggling to locate specific Shopify items by their product IDs, these days are now over. You have arrived at the ideal spot. Go through this brief yet comprehensive guide and make your experience with Shopify a smooth one!

There’s still no “all_products[ID]” equivalent in Shopify

As surprising as it sounds, Shopify has still not included an “all_products[ID]” in its system, making specific searches nothing but hassle. Experts are still unable to comprehend why the enterprise is not looking into this issue.

However, some believe that this is for the greater good to ensure that the application runs without discrepancies. Regardless, there are two hacks users have found to beat the system.

Two effortless ways to fetch the product information of particular items via the product ID

The undermentioned methods are alternatives to the original function that work just fine.

Using the “All Products Handle”

Using the handle is by far the most efficient way to locate specific products out of the plethora of items. For applying the handle, follow these two steps:

  1. Denote the collection and loop it through all the products individually using the handle (maximum of 50):
{{ all_products['the-handle'].title }}

2. Now match the ID of every product in the loop. Once you complete this step, you can effortlessly locate any product.

Using the “Assign Variant”

The assign variant function only gets the job done if your products have variants, as the name indicates. If so, follow these steps to get every item’s ID:

  1. Select the main handle and search for your desired variant.
  2. Use the undermentioned code to grab your selected variant’s ID from the vast array:
{% assign variant = all_products[handle].variants.first.id %}

{{ variant }}

However, both these methods are loops discovered by users, and it is almost a shame that Shopify has not solved this dilemma officially, despite its surfacing in early 2016.

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