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How to easily & skillfully apply discounts to only 1 item in an order

automatic discounts
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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to easily & skillfully apply discounts to only one item in an order

If you’re running a promotion or looking to start one, it’s always great to know how to apply a discount to only one item in an order.

Many Shopify merchants will only want a discount to apply to a certain product, variant or collection in their store. There are several apps to choose from that help achieve the one item discount. Shopify also has a built-in discount code function where you can easily create discount codes for your store.

Shopify’s discount code function

If you’re looking to create a simple discount for your customers, then Shopify’s built-in discount function could be the simple choice.

1. Navigate in your Shopify store to Discounts in the left-hand menu

Shopify discounts

2. Select Create Discount


3. You can then choose between Discount Code or Automatic Discount. Automatically setting a discount means it’ll be applied automatically in their shopping cart

automatic discounts

4. Next select whether the discount is a percentage, fixed amount or buy-one-get-one-free. There are other requirements and options you can select from on this page too. When you’ve decided on your discount, select Save


Using the Automatic Discount Shopify app

Automatic discount app

The Automatic Discount app allows you to define when a discount, gift or smart deal should apply based on what is in the customer’s cart. This can include an amount, number of items, rules on certain collections or specific products, including variant or colour.

The free gift feature allows Shopify merchants to use an original product from the store and give as a free gift if the customer’s cart meets certain rules.

An automatic discount can be applied at checkout too when the cart meets rule set by the store owner. You can combine discounts, such as 10% off item A and 20% item B when both in the cart. This is just one example of many that could be used.

More to offer

As well as offering discounts to your consumers, have you thought about upselling products too? This is a great way to increase your average order value and overall sales. SellUp allows Shopify merchants to set up product upsells easily and simple. Take a look at our guide to SellUp here.


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