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How to easily hide product variants without deleting them in Shopify

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How to easily hide product variants without deleting them in Shopify

Shopify has rapidly turned into the epicenter of all online stores globally. There are hundreds of thousands of stores already on Shopify. And a considerable number of vendors are planning to open more.

With all this, sellers and Shopify’s standard primary objective is to make the process as straightforward, effective, and efficient as possible. Likewise, there are plenty of products live in every store. Sellers want to make their virtual shop look more appealing and practical. And in that regard, hiding some products is imperative.

Hiding selective product variants from a lineup instead of deleting them

Understandably, every vendor wants their best products to reach the audience. What happens at Shopify is that when there are thousands of products, they are displayed on multiple pages, and rightfully so. However, it makes the shopping experience a little inefficient because there can be a product up in the out-of-stock line.

Therefore, sellers are looking to find options to hide those items from their stores temporarily until they restock them. Deleting them is not an option, as reimbursing them would require a lot of time and effort. If you are searching for a solution for it, look at the brace of options we have compiled below.

Hide specific product variants from your lineup using either of these convenient ways:

Constantly evolving and adapting from the situation is the ethos of Shopify. In that regard, here are two ways to hide selective product variants.

Use a third-party app

There are third-party applications that provide you with the opportunity to hide some products that are longer in stock. Use this application to do the hard work for you!


Using a hack

Go to the backend of your store and follow the undermentioned steps:

  1. Open the variant edit page
  2. Select “Track Quantity” in the Inventory Section
  3. Uncheck the “Continue selling when out of stock” tab
  4. Set “Available” to 0 under QUANTITY (appears after Tracking quantity)

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