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How to build sales funnels for your Shopify store

How to create a sales funnel for Shopify

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Creating sales funnels for businesses has been a growing trend since the dot com boom. Acquiring leads to generate sales is effectively the main goal for every business. With the advent of ecommerce and the shift to DTC, acquiring customers has never been more important for the long term sustainability and viability of ecommerce businesses.

Sales funnels exist in multiple form types for Shopify stores and in this guide, we will cover these and how you can implement them in your store to drive more sales.

What exactly is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is essentially an entry gate where traffic or existing customers enter and out the other side, the result is a positive conversion; usually a sale/order. Other conversions can include email signups, re-engagement, data collection, referrals and more.

Now we know what a funnel is, let’s go into detail about the specific types of funnels you can setup for your Shopify store and how they can benefit your business.

How to build funnels for Shopify

The 3 main methods of funnels for Shopify that we will cover in this guide are:

  • Product Based Funnels
  • Page Based Funnels
  • Quiz Based Funnels

How to build a product based sales funnel

A product based sales funnel is a funnel that activates after a potential customer has added or engaged with a product on your store. The funnel is designed to increase the average order value from that product interaction.

For example, if a potential customer adds “Golf Clubs” to their cart, the product funnel would activate and proceed to offer additional products. These could include for example “Golf Bag”, “Golf Balls”, “Golf glove” and “Golf tees”. Did you see the pattern? All the products were specifically related to the initial product added.

product based funnels Shopify
Action offer Funnels from the SellUp app for Shopify.

At the end of the funnel, the customer should hopefully have more than just the golf clubs in their basket making the funnel interaction a success.

To achieve product based funnels on Shopify, you can use “Action offers” from the SellUp app for Shopify.

How to build a page based sales funnel

Page based sales funnels are in-essence very simple but powerful. By default, Shopify stores give you collection pages and product pages. Sometimes, these aren’t the most suitable pages to link directly to for certain campaigns.

By creating a custom page with a funnel type flow down the page, you can really market and sell the product before you customer is even on the product page. The final action on a type of page funnel like this should be inviting the visitor to “buy the product”. You can either link to the product page at this point or with some additional magic, you could use a prebuilt checkout link that will take the customer straight to checkout with the product added to their basket.

Landing Page example from ConvertFlow

To build page based funnels on Shopify, you have 2 options. You can do this natively in Shopify if you have an OS2.0 theme with many sections and options however the more suitable method is by using a Page builder.

Page builders often come with some amazing and proven templates allowing you to rapidly get something together. Simply plug in your content, publish and drive traffic to it.

How to build a quiz based sales funnel

Quizzes have become really popular for Shopify stores as a great method to get interested visitors to the products that suit their needs. By matching a product to the customer, you can increase the chance of a conversion whilst also collecting some data along the way.

There are some brilliant quiz apps for Shopify that allow you to create quiz based funnels. Check out our roundup of the best quiz apps for Shopify.

Example Quiz from the Quiz Kit app for Shopify

Once you have a quiz published on your store, your aim is simple: drive traffic to it. The quiz can then work its magic and start to push customers to the right products. Be sure to monitor the results and adapt the quiz based on data provided and any feedback.

Remember, your goal is to get the customers to the products that suit them, not for you to push customers to products you want them to buy.



Funnels are a great way to not only capture conversions but to also increase the likeliness of a conversion. Product based funnels help you sell more to engaged shoppers and increase your Average Order Value (or AOV). Page based funnels allow you to create hyper engaging sales based content to funnel your customers towards products and “warming” them up for conversions. Finally, quiz based funnels allow you to put the customer in-front of the products that suit them most leading to higher chance of a conversion.


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