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(Originally Published December 26, 2020.)

A Round-Up of the top 8 Quiz Apps for Shopify

[Updated for 2023]

An easy way to help customers find items, rather than having to browse through a (seemingly) infinite catalog of choices, Shopify quiz apps provide product suggestions through quizzes.

Benefits of a Quiz for your Shopify store

  • Increase conversions – If customers can find what they are looking for, they will convert.
  • Lead generation – You could request emails for discounts for example.
  • Learn from your audience – You can require text based answers for some steps to gather information.

As consumer preferences grow, merchants need to meet these expectations consistently to keep customers satisfied and engaged.

Your marketing team will encourage assumption-free recommendations with an interactive Shopify quiz with the aim of recommending the items your customers are likely to buy. Quiz Apps support potential buyers with a product recommendation questionnaire to find the exact items they need. This can create a simpler, more intuitive way for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for in your store.

But with Shopify, how do you add a product recommendation quiz to your store? There are Shopify applications that support you if your needs from a quiz app are basic. If you feel your product quiz could be a technical nightmare, you may need a more advanced app or even a custom quiz app.

Before we make such presumptions, below is a list of the best Shopify quiz apps below enables customers to find the best fit for themselves.


Best Quiz apps for Shopify


  1. Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS

Boost further rapid growth and personalization with Octane AI’s all-in-one platform for Quizzes, Messenger & SMS automation, and built-in tools. To build customer profiles and personalize your marketing platforms, use Octane AI. Build amazing quizzes effortlessly to improve your consumers’ interactions. Use an easy-to-use quiz maker to create beautifully branded quizzes. Add items or collections automatically synchronized to the cart straight from the results pages. Sync responses, acts, and other data points with integrations from Klaviyo and Facebook Pixel. Develop campaigns for revenue-lifting of Facebook Messenger & SMS. Manage and edit automation for Facebook Messenger and SMS from one location. Send cart abandonment, search abandonment, confirmation of order and delivery, pre-and post-purchase flows, and responses to common customer support queries. Learn who your clients are and calculate their buyer profile against sales rates, average order size, gross revenue, and a number of transactions.

Octane AI quiz offers a free trial for 14 days, after that $29/month charges may apply.


  1. Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

With beautifully branded shopping quizzes and AI support chatbots, it helps Shopify stores raise revenue and reduce support pressure. Drive more sales, raise opt-ins for email and SMS, personalize the marketing with extensive buyer profile information, and cut repetitive support tickets. Develop a great Shoppable Quiz and/or chatbot that chats with shoppers easily keeps all their responses in mind and suggests a selected range of items only for them. Learn new consumer knowledge that you can only appreciate by specifically approaching them.

Gobot-Ai Chatbot + Quiz is free to install but it may incur additional charges.


  1. Visual Quiz Builder

Use this quiz app to create a personalized quiz for your store, attract your guests, and boost sales. This application makes it easier to create recommendation quizzes that give your consumers an entertaining and customized shopping experience. To give you absolute power over the recommendations, you can create a quiz that recommends items, Shopify collections, or variants (SKUs). Make as many edits as you want and preview your quiz with the easy-to-use quiz maker before you post it to your audience. When you’re ready to make your quiz online, simply publish it and make your quiz appear wherever you want using your custom link.

Visual Quiz Builder offers a 14-day free trial after that, $9/month charges may apply.


  1. Product Recommendation Quiz

This app enables clients to take an active part in the shopping experience. The quiz asks your consumers a set of questions, analyzes their replies, and returns a list of suggested items that suit their needs, along with an overview of why they are the best fit for them. This app allows you to use the easy-to-use quiz builder to customize many facets of the quiz.


  • Plug and play, easy to install
  • Conditional logic:  With conditional logic rules, the clients never have to miss trivial questions. This achieves higher completion rates through a more intimate, human connection.
  • Capturing lead: Allow your clients to leave their contacts.


Product Recommendation Quiz app offers free a plan, a 14-day free trial, after that, it may incur additional charges.


  1. Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder

You can ask consumers questions using this app and you can suggest items depending on their responses. When they get puzzled over what is the right item for them, most consumers leave the website without purchasing something. You will help them with this app to find their perfect fit. You will be able to get reviews on your products, online shop, and which consumers are looking most from you with this app. Based on the app’s info, you can enhance and target ads and get a higher conversion. This enables you to create a super-fast quiz with limitless quiz interaction and leads, enabling you to build quizzes using language settings in any language.

Quizify offers a 14-day free trial, after that, it may incur additional charges.


  1. Fyrebox Quizzes

You can create your own quiz with this tool, collect leads, and boost your revenue at your Shopify store. An immersive competition or a product selection tool can be produced quickly. This facilitates the development of scenario quizzes, MCQs, true/false, and open-ended quizzes. This app is available in 37 different languages. This will identify your browser’s language and display the version of your language. With the advanced look and feel editor, you can edit each piece of content inside the quiz.

Firebox Quizzes is free to install but may incur charges for using the app.


  1. Quiz Kit ‑ Shoppable Quizzes

This app helps some of the biggest Shopify and Shopify Plus customers create deeper customer relationships. The technology behind Quiz Kit is used to control their sites’ customized quiz experiences in great depth. Quiz Kit is great for making curated gift guides for your clients. Build engaging and customized experiences that support consumers recommend the right products or collections. DIPSODA was able to create a Quiz to help customers find the right Marble Phone Case for their phone. For unique goods and selection, it enables a fully tailored product recommendation. Quiz response data resources such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge & Bold can also be coordinated.

Quiz Kit offers a 7-day free trial, after that, it may charge you $39/month.


  1. Pop Quiz ‑ Quiz Builder

This app is completely compatible with your Shopify store, so it is quick and convenient to set up your product recommendations. It’s easy to use, but it’s also filled with strong features that help you to build simple or really complicated quizzes. Pop Quiz provides a customizable style and configuration of your quiz, whether you begin with either of the templates or from start. It is amazingly efficient to recommend products using tags because the system integrates all consumer responses into a chain of tags that automatically funnel down the product list. Based on their responses, you can also guide them to other quizzes or web sites.

Pop Quiz offers a 45-day free trial, after that, it charges you $19.99/month.



Finding the right quiz app for your store will depend on the intricacy of the questions you wish to answer and the logic required. If you are asking a few multiple choice questions then most will be able to handle it. If you are needing multiple funnel routes, multiple question types and some serious backend logic then its most likely you will need a more advanced quiz app or possibly even a custom app solution.