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Originally Published August 10, 2022.

Looking to add Frequently Bought Together products to your Shopify store? You are in the right place. You may have seen this feature on other ecommerce stores before or have discovered the method as a great way to increase you AOV. Let’s get stuck in.

Why have a frequently bought together section?

Quite simply; to make more money. As a merchant, your goal is to sell. The more you sell, the more you make. Frequently Bought Together allows you to sell multiple products to your customers which in turn increases your Average Order Value or “AOV”. This simply means that your customers are spending more with you meaning you make more money.

How to create frequently bought together products for Shopify

Creating frequently bought together products on Shopify is easy to achieve. A small selection of themes may have a basic section for “related” products but this isn’t really related. These are usually static and don’t serve the true purpose of dynamic offerings.

The easiest method is to use an app. The best part is that an app that will increase your revenue and ROI so you should absolutely want to invest in a great app for this purpose.

4 of the best frequently bought together apps

Below is a round of some great apps that will allow you to add frequently bought together products and in some cases, even more revenue increasing opportunities in the form of other features.


SellUp is a great app that will help you increase your average order value. Simply using it’s upselling and cross-selling features will help you achieve this.

Use on-page upsells to encourage customers to buy complimentary products to the original product they were going to purchase. If a customer sees other products that were frequently bought with the main item, they are more likely to purchase these too.

Present customers with a hyper converting action offer that pops up when they add an item to their cart. Again, if it shows a complimentary item, they might be more inclined to purchase it as well.

During checkout, you could present your customers with an upsell of the product they were going to buy. For example, the customer is purchasing a TV. You might upsell them the same TV but a bigger version. Add other items that might be frequently bought alongside the TV such as cables.

Frequently bought together

Related Products – Also Bought

Related Products – Also Bought boosts sales dramatically by offering more products to potential customers. You can add frequently bought together and recommended products to any page on your store, to grow your orders quickly.

Ensure your customers are presented with accurate recommended products. You can analyze your store’s order information to present frequently bought product lists.

Frequently Bought Together items

Frequently Bought Together

The Frequently Bought Together Shopify app enables you to increase your store’s conversion rate. Products can be displayed as bundles on your products pages, recommending other products to encourage customers to purchase more than one item.

When customers buy more than one item, it increases your average order value and sales revenue.The AI algorithm has been enhanced and refined to produce great product recommendations.

The app interface can be easily configured to suit your store’s design. You can use automatic or manual recommendations for your store.

Frequently bought together app

Frequently Bought Together PRO

Frequently Bought Together PRO increases the chances of conversion on your store by showing customers products they would like. Product recommendations can be correlated to improve conversions. You can also use upsells to increase your average order value.

You can set the app up to follow the same design as your online store and ensure that it looks included. With its many features, you can be sure your store’s revenue will increase.

frequently bought together pro


Frequently bought together apps are good for your Shopify store because they encourage customers to buy more than one product. In turn, this increases your average order value and overall revenue.

All these four apps above offer great ways to show frequently bought together items on your store. Each has its own reason why it should be chosen, and hopefully our summaries will make the choice easier for you.